Fantastic (& Easy) Girls’ Hairstyles for Back to School


It’s that time of year again, when the kids are finally getting into the freedom of summer, and they have to cut the fun short to go back to school. Or they may be getting restless with all the free time and are excited to hit the books once again. Either way, your schedule always gets hectic when school starts again, so it helps to have some great hairstyle ideas in mind for those busy mornings. Forget elaborate styles that take too long and may not stay anyway, we’re here with some fantastic and easy girls’ hairstyle ideas to help you ease back into the back-to-school season.

Sleek pigtails


After the hot summer months, you’ve probably already mastered the art (challenge?) of keeping her hair pulled back out of her face to avoid a sweaty mess of tangles. If you’re accustomed to a classic ponytail, double the fun and switch up the style with pigtails. They can be worn high up toward the crown of the head, or lower and loose, depending on both of your preferences. For textured hair or any hair that’s prone to frizz or flyaways, smooth the hair with FS Nourishing Serum or Style Prep 10 before pulling the hair back. She’ll be all smiles, at least regarding her hairstyle.

Half-up, her way


Perhaps she prefers to wear her hair down most of the time, despite your best efforts to keep it pulled back and away from her face. A fantastic compromise is the half-up style. And before the protesting starts, there are many ways to personalize it and make it truly unique, just like she is.

Starting just above the ears, run your fingers back and up toward the crown of the head to separate the top half of hair from the bottom. The classic half-up style would pull the hair straight back into an elastic, but you can experiment with a few different varieties to make it slightly different:

·       Part the hair on one side before pulling the top half up, focusing on keeping the hair parted at the top and collecting the hair more toward the back of the head instead of the top or crown.

·       Add barrettes or hairpins to her half-up style to dress it up or add some individuality.

·       Pull the top half of hair up higher on top of her head and twist it into a loose, messy bun.

Stacked or bubble ponytails


To make ponytails or pigtails a lot more fun, try stacking them and go one step further by creating “bubble” ponytails. Start with a half-up style with the hair gathered at the crown of the head, then gather another section below it, but don’t include all the hair quite yet. Secure this second section with another elastic. Then, gather the rest of the hair at the bottom for a third ponytail, so you end up with three vertically stacked ponytails. Create the bubble by pulling on each side of the sectioned-off ponytails to puff up the hair a bit between elastics. Try FS Shaping Spray to shape and mold the style while you’re working, and to make it last through the school day.

Customize this style even further by splitting the hair into two sections with a center part, then creating the stacked ponytail look. You could even add extra volume on top before securing the top section, to bump up the style and make it her own.

Headbands and Accessories


Continue the fun summer vibes throughout the school year with headbands, bandanas and other playful accessories. Keep her hair out of her face and help her focus on schoolwork with a simple molded headband or by adding a bandana or scarf to add some flair. Whether your accessory has cat ears, a bow, sparkles or rhinestones, she’ll love showing off her personal style at school and beyond.


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