Fantastic Haircuts for Our Mini-Me’s


Fantastic Haircuts for Our Mini-Me’s

As our children grow older, their personality––hair personality and otherwise––grows with them. Gone are the days that a simple buzz or bob haircut will do the job. As our children get older, their desire for a haircut that matches their personality becomes a necessary addition to their wardrobe. Your child’s haircut should be a reflection of their rapidly growing and ever-changing identity. With that, we have honed in on the most fantastic trims for your mini-me to sport this spring season.


Angled Bob

Moms are every little girl’s hero. For a haircut that looks just like mom’s haircut, incorporate an angle into the typical bob. This style is perfect for hair of all textures, while still achieving a fashionable and mature look.

Layers on Layers

Searching for a fun and flirty look? Incorporate layers into hair of all lengths. This technique adds dimension and depth to any typical cut.

Blunt Cut

This style is perfect for our fashion-forward little one’s. The blunt cut has made its way onto the runway, and we want to bring it to the playground. Not only does this cut deliver a modern twist, but it is the most low maintenance option for every girl on the go.

Wispy Bangs

We have been dying over bangs since the beginning of 2018, so we’re incorporating this style into our kids cut recommendations. Bangs are the perfect addition to any kids cut, and wispy bangs are officially the way to go. This cute style gives the chic look of a full bang, without the hassle.


Short and Textured

Men everywhere are opting for a more tousled everyday look. How are they typically achieving it? By trimming the hair short on the sides, and leaving the top long and textured. Since it's every boy’s dream to look just like dad, request this same style for your little one! This shorter style is easy to maintain, while still delivering a cool and manly result.

Side Part Pompadour

For your son that’s wise beyond his years, opt for a more modern version of the pompadour. Incorporate a side part and sweep the hair off to the side.

Long Shag Cut

Who said we were leaving the shag in the mid-2000’s? For boys wanting to maintain that longer look, integrate texture to modernize this signature style.

Modern Mohawk

Do you have a wild one on your hands? For boys that are inherently rowdier than the rest, showcase their personality through a modern mohawk. This style delivers the daring look of a typical Mohawk style, while still leaving the hair longer on the sides.

Give your child’s hair the attention it deserves, and request one of these striking styles at your next salon visit.


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