Find Your Inspiration With These Fall Hair Colors


The official first day of autumn is in late September, but October is the month that we can really declare the seasons have changed. Days are cooler, nights are crisp, and the bright and pastel colors of summer have transitioned to bold reds and browns. (Check out Warm Hair Colors for Late Summer for advice on how to transition).

Add in the uncertainty of 2020 and the urge do so something fun despite our changing restrictions, many are finding their joy by diving into color. You don’t have to limit yourself to the golden and cinnamon hues that you spy on the changing trees. Channel that excitement over color you used to experience when you dove into that new crayon box you received every new school year and embrace those endless possibilities.

In the fall, we wear pink


Red for autumn isn’t exactly new, it’s been a go-to all year round. In fact, a trend known as “pandemic pink” circled around the early days of quarantine as those who couldn’t get to their stylist gave themselves a red color update. Now that stylists are back and here to help with their actual skill instead of just Zoom advice, many are keeping the pink shades in such a way that doesn’t require too much maintenance. Just a few strategic sections or chunks of pink can brighten up your locks and give you a more youthful and playful look.

Believe in the “why not?”


Like adding pink hues for the first time, many are seeking bright blues and purples and taking a chance on their tresses that they may not have considered a year ago. Whether you go all-in on one striking color or maybe just add some colorful highlights, it’s all about keeping it fresh and making a new start. If you can commit to higher frequency visits, your stylist will be as excited as you are to see what daring color you’d like to try!

Fall back into less maintenance


On the flip side, sometimes the best color choice is the one you were (mostly) born with. Summer highlights require lots of maintenance, and like your tan, you can forgo all that upkeep when the days start getting shorter and cooler. Many go to their stylist in fall to cover the highlights they worked so hard to keep up with during summer, and opt to transition back to their darker selves. Despite the old song title, brunettes have as much fun as blondes, redheads or any other color of the hair rainbow.

Embrace the joy of choice


The only fall color you need is the one that you want. Darker is fantastic if that’s where your heart’s desire lies, but if you’re tempted to try out a blue, purple or other unique fall hair color, go for it! Work with your stylist to decide on the best process for the condition of your hair and embrace the new you that you may never have expected to see!


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