Five Fantastic Hair Color Trends for Spring


Goodbye winter. Hello spring! The days are getting longer and the air’s getting warmer, making now the perfect time to try out one of these fantastic hair color trends to refresh your look and step into spring in style.

Pony Lights

Winter weather can leave hair looking dull. Pony lights are a great way to revive ho-hum hair and get a warm, fresh glow that’s perfect for spring. These feathered highlights brighten up the hair around the face and neck for a vibrant, halo-like effect. For a more natural look, opt for a color that’s only a shade or two lighter than your roots and in the same color family. That subtle difference is all it takes to go from drab to fab.

This technique looks terrific on all hair colors and textures. Since you can adjust the shades to compliment cool or warm undertones, it also works well with all skin tones.  This universally flattering look is also pretty low maintenance compared to the upkeep required for all-over color, so you can spend your time enjoying spring instead of burning daylight sitting in the salon. 

Buttery Blonde

Stark platinum shades can be too harsh for many skin tones. Besides, all that bleach is hard on your hair, leaving dry, broken, limp strands in its wake. This spring, it’s all about warming up the icy feel of platinum with neutral and golden tones that reflect shine. To get this look, go for a beige-blonde shade with golden strawberry undertones to give the illusion of natural highlights from playing in the sun.

The mixture of warm and cool shades in buttery blonde (also referred to as baby blonde), works with all skin tones to give you a fresh and youthful look. If you want to go blonde but without all the upkeep, give this lower maintenance, darker shade a try.

Coppery Red

Copper shades are red-hot this spring. The key to nailing this look is to consider your skin tone. If you tend to have a bit of pink in your face, opt for more of a golden hair color tone. Redder shades will be too warm and overwhelm your overall appearance, making you look like a lobster. Done right, this reddish-brown hue glimmers and creates a glowing complexion for a radiant spring vibe.

Be sure to work with your natural color for the best results, too. Blondes should go for a strawberry-honey shade, a cross between red and blonde. Brunettes should opt for a dusty-copper shade with penny colored highlights in copper and neutral tones for a warm, rich, silky color that doesn’t look orange in the sun.

Rich Brunette

Dark colors aren’t just for fall and winter. Deep, vibrant, shades as decadent as chocolate cake never go out of season. Whether you opt for a uniform color from roots to ends or mix in a bit of subtle, neutral babylights, reflective brunette shades are the perfect compliment to your spring wardrobe. To amp up the shine and say buh-bye to dull tresses, try an all-over gloss in a shade slightly lighter than your base color.

Brunette shades are typically the lowest maintenance of all color options. But, washing can cause the rich color to fade and become brassy due to mineral deposits in the water. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to combat hard water woes. 

Pretty Pastels

Nothing says spring like pastels. What better way to shake the winter doldrums and liven up your look than to add a kick of playful color? This season’s take on fantasy color is like blush for your hair. It’s more of a wash with a powdery feel than completely saturated color.

Soft, pale shades of pink and blue are a pretty way to make a colorful statement. To pull it off, you’ll need very pale highlights or platinum white hair with no yellow undertones. 

For a subtle hint of fun color in darker hair, try out a vivid jewel shade. A deep blue, purple or maroon tone applied over existing color and highlights will give you a pop of color that’s only visible when the light hits it just right.

Spring has sprung a fresh new crop of hair color trends. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural feel or something a little bolder, the stylists at Fantastic Sams can help you find a look that suits your style and give your locks a fresh new look for spring.

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