Five Fantastic Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair


If you have thick hair, you know it can be a blessing and a curse. All that hair means you have a lot to work with and can try out various styles. On the other hand, all that hair can sometimes have a will of its own with issues like cowlicks and not necessarily staying where you want it, up or down. 

Whether your hair is long, short, medium-length, straight, wavy, curly or some combination of those, here are five haircuts for men with thick hair that will make you look fantastic, along with a few tips on styling.

No. 1: The Crew Cut


First, some terminology. A crew cut and a buzz cut are not the same thing. A buzz cut is the shorter and is generally of uniform length. A crew cut is a little longer on the top, which, while still pretty low-maintenance, allows for a little more styling. 

The still-short length means your hair can be highly styled or left to go its own way and still look good for you. The extra length opens up the possibilities of a part, spikes, or styling the front straight up using various hair products available from Fantastic Sams like our X-treme Gel. This cut can also be enhanced with a fade on the sides and back. 

No. 2: The Textured Crop


Next in length is a textured crop. This is the rare style that is both versatile and low-maintenance. It can be styled or messy, take product or leave it. This cut is generally the same length throughout which means bangs at the front. The texture is achieved by either cutting the hair with a razor or point cutting it with scissors. 

For some contrast, it can be combined with a fade of any level (high, mid, low or skin) or even an undercut. If you want to use a hair product, the best one for this style would be Matte Finish Wax, which is available from your local Fantastic Sams.

No. 3: The Comb-over Fade


This is an updated version of the classic short back and sides haircut with a side part. The modern twist is on the side below the part where the hair is cut extremely short and fades. How short that side is cut is where you can put your stamp on this style. The part can either be done naturally with a comb or cut with a razor as a hard part. 

The top is cut with scissors and left a medium length, which will determine your styling options. A little pomade or wax and a comb will keep this style in place. For some variety, you can use hair product and a blow dryer to create a small quiff (see below) or pompadour.

No. 4: The Quiff


This is the style you’ve seen a lot of men wearing but may not have known the name of. The style is a modification of the pompadour and had its origins in the 1950s (think Elvis Presley). 

The main feature of the quiff is hair at the top and front that is longer than the rest. The modern version has a more extreme difference between the lengths of hair on the top versus the back and sides. As with many other styles, the length of hair on the back and sides is a variable that you can exploit to suit and display your style; buzzed, faded or undercut can all be options. 

The longer hair at the front will, of course, require some styling, but how much depends on your desired effect. Your thick hair will already have volume, and that is another facet of this style that you can show off. Structured? Messy? Parted? So many directions you can go. Styling can be as simple as using a little product and blow drying the hair up and back, or it can involve pomade or hard wax.

No. 5: The Faux Hawk


If you really want to leave all classic styles behind, there’s always the faux hawk (or fohawk). The basics of this style are, of course, short hair on the sides and longer hair on top; how far down the back that longer hair goes is one of the many variables you can use to personalize this cut. 

Another decision to make is how extreme you want the contrast between the sides and top to be. Most men have a fade or undercut on the sides. Then, there’s the top, the main feature. Perhaps the first thing to figure out is what look you want up there; that will determine how much styling you’ll need to do to get that look. 

One factor to keep in mind is that a less extreme contrast between the top and sides means a little more versatility in case your faux hawk isn’t quite right for the office. Styling the top will require a strong-hold pomade or wax applied evenly and completely. You can then either use your hands to push the hair up and toward the center or use a blow dryer. 

With so many possible variables in this cut, you should definitely do some research to find the style that works best for you. As always, your Fantastic Sams stylist can advise on any of these styles and make recommendations on the best style for you.

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