Five Game Changing Tips on How to Style Thin Hair


Not born with thick, luxurious locks? Or are your tresses thinning with age? Check out these game-changing styling tips and say goodbye to thin, flat, lifeless hair. 

Start with the right cut

A good cut can make a big difference by removing weight and adding texture to amp up the volume. Regardless of length, thin hair can be transformed with a variety of flattering cuts. The key is to keep it blunt and chunky. 

Layers near the crown can provide lift without compromising fullness. But, you should avoid heavy layers as they make hair appear thinner at the ends. 

Also, be cautious with fringe since you’re essentially “borrowing” hair from another area of your head. Strategic texturing can be used instead to create softness around the face and give the illusion of bangs without compromising fullness and volume. It’s also a good idea to get regular trims every six weeks to avoid weighing down any thickness you do have. 

Wash your hair daily

Oil tends to build up more quickly in thin hair which can weigh it down and create an even thinner appearance. To combat oily flatness, wash your hair every day. More than that, make sure you’re also washing your hair with the right products. Avoid shampoos geared for “smoothing,” “moisturizing” or “silkening” which can weigh hair down. Instead, look for shampoos and conditioners designed for thin hair like FS Thick n Full Shampoo. Thanks to caffeine (a natural stimulant), this shampoo adds texture while gently cleansing your hair and scalp to add volume without the weight. Follow with FS Thick n Full Conditioner to thicken, detangle, protect and increase manageability and shine for thicker, healthier looking hair.   

Perfect your blowdrying technique

Before blowdrying, prep your mane with a product designed specifically for thin hair like Volumizing Root Lifter to add body and volume directly at the root. Or, maximize the overall density of your hair with our Volumizing Potion to transform thin strands into thicker fuller hair.  

As you blowdry, keep your hairdryer on hot heat but only medium speed to prevent hair from going limp and getting whipped around too much. Lift hair at a 45-degree angle away from your head and aim the dryer at the hair on top of the brush rather than underneath to maximize volume and create more lift at the root. 

Or, you can try a flat-wrapping technique. This is where you blow your hair from the crown towards your face then comb over from ear to ear, alternating sides until your hair is completely dry. If you find that using a brush actually makes your hair too flat, use your fingers to rough dry at the roots and reserve the brush for mid-length to ends.

If you’re short on time or just don’t have the patience to master a new technique, simply flip your head upside down when blow-drying to boost volume.

Play with your part

Avoid a center part that encourages a smooth, sleek look since that can seem too drab and lifeless with thin hair.  Shake things up a bit by simply alternating the side you part on. If you normally part on the left, move it to the right. Flipping your hair in the opposite direction than it’s used to laying creates more lift. Experiment with different depths, too. A deep side part will create volume and fullness around the face. Or, if you have some length to work with, try using a curling iron to add waves and movement through the roots and midshaft.

Use color to camouflage

Use a colored root touch-up spray or powder to fill in thinner areas and make hair appear denser. For a more permanent solution, consider getting your hair colored. Hair color itself actually expands the hair shaft slightly, making it appear thicker. 

To create the illusion of depth, try a slightly deeper color at the root. Strategically placed color can also be used to make your hair appear fuller. For example, if your hair is dark, lighter highlights diminish the contrast between your hair and scalp. A multi-dimensional color that uses two or three shades can also give the illusion of movement and depth.

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