Five Hairstyles for Men You Need to Know This Wedding Season


Spring means different things to different people. For many, it means weddings, graduations and proms, all of which require you to look your best. While others may decide your attire for these events (sorry, groomsmen), which hairstyle you sport is up to you. The only rule is that, if you are not the groom, you cannot upstage him (and certainly not the bride!).

With that in mind, here are five hairstyles for men that will make you look sharp without stealing focus. (If you are the center of attention at any event, you are allowed to sport any hairstyle you choose. It’s your day.)

No. 1: The Buzz Cut 


The shortest cut of all, a buzz cut is recognizable by the uniform length of hair. This style can be more comfortable if your event falls on a particularly warm day. The buzz cut requires no styling or maintenance that could make you late for your brother’s wedding. And, it pairs nicely with a closely cropped beard, giving you a uniform look for head and face.

No. 2: The Crew Cut 


Also known as an Ivy-League haircut, this is a buzz cut with hair that is a little longer on top. It’s still a fairly low-maintenance style, but the extra length gives you more styling options. Part it, spike it or go messy (tousled, if you prefer), all will work here.

No. 3: Slicked Back 


We’ve all seen this classic style in old photos and movies. It requires medium-length hair that's parted on the side. The hair on the sides is combed straight back, if possible, while the hair on top is combed back diagonally. The slick part comes from applying a hair product to hold it all in place. You’ll have to decide between matte and shiny and, if shiny, how shiny. We have a range of products to help you get the perfect look.

No. 4: Naturally Curly 


So far, we’ve only described cuts and styles for straight hair, but not everyone is blessed with straight tresses. Our best advice to our curly-headed brothers is to show off what you’ve got proudly. Depending on the length and curl of your hair, it may require little to no maintenance. For a neater look, keep your hair short to medium-length and use a curl cream or other hair product if your hair needs taming, especially on those warm, humid days.

No. 5: The Quiff 


For something a little more daring, there is always the quiff. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, the quiff’s distinctive feature is hair that is longer in the front and top than the rest of the head. Of the hairstyles mentioned here, this one requires the most styling. It is also the most versatile; it could be combed flat and slicked for the wedding, then, styled and fluffed up for the reception. Whichever direction you go, don’t let the styling make you late for your next big occasion!

If you’re having trouble deciding on a hairstyle for your next big event, head to your nearest Fantastic Sams salon. One of our talented stylists can recommend a fantastic look based on your hair type, your facial features and the function.

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