Five Tips and Tricks on How to Get Volume in Your Hair


Want mega hair volume? Check out these tips to get real-life, runway-ready hair. These foolproof, volume-building tricks will give you maximum volume with minimum effort regardless of your hair type or length. 

Don’t overwash

Washing your hair too often can strip your locks of essential oils, dull the color and leave your hair flat and lifeless. Although the frequency will vary depending on your hair type, lifestyle factors and the number of styling products you use, most experts recommend washing your hair every 2-3 days.

When you do lather up, use a volume building shampoo like our FS Thick n Full Shampoo. This color-safe formula gently cleanses the hair and scalp while adding volume without the weight. Pair with FS Thick n Full Conditioner to increase manageability and shine for thicker, healthier-looking hair.

For a twist, try conditioning before shampooing to give your hair more texture. While conditioner makes your hair feel silky soft and smooth, it can be too slick to hold a style. Shampooing after conditioning creates the perfect texture for building volume and holding your style.

Dry your hair the right way

When you’re going for volume, every little bit helps – even the way you towel dry your hair. Instead of simply wrapping all of your hair in a towel, loop the towel around small sections one at a time and gently squeeze. Not only does this absorb water, but it roughs up the hair’s cuticle preventing it from lying limp and flat.

Next, prep your hair with a root-boosting product like our Thick & Full Root Booster to get instant volume directly at the root. Or try our Styling Mousse to add body and texture while also protecting your hair from thermal styling tools.

Blow-out for a boost of bounce

For mega volume, try blowing out your hair. To start, dry small sections at a time (as we described above). Then, clip up all but about a two-inch section of hair. Hold a round brush under it and the dryer above and pull both downward at the same time, twirling the brush at the ends to curl. Repeat until dry and smooth, then, continue working small sections until all hair is dry. 

When finished, gather the strands above your ears and pull them toward the ceiling. Aim the dryer at the roots to heat for 10 seconds, then, hold in place until cool. Next, push hair to one side blowing the roots, switch sides and repeat. When finished, create your part and, voila, loads of fantastic volume.

Build volume while you sleep

If getting out the door in the morning is hard enough without spending extra time fussing with your hair, don’t despair. Here’s how you can build volume while you catch some Zs.  

  • Twist your hair in small sections and pin it up before heading to bed. When you wake and unwind you’ll have bounce and volume at the ends of your hair. If there’s no time for sleeping, just twist and pin, then, blast your hair with a blow dryer and let it cool completely before taking it down.
  • Dig out that scrunchie you still have lying around from the ‘80s. At bedtime, pull damp hair up into a high, loose bun and secure with a scrunchie (or any soft elastic). Sleeping with your hair in a bun lifts strands off the scalp making roots appear more volumized. When you wake you’ll have loads of volume and soft waves.
  • While you sleep, wear a stretchy fabric headband across your forehead. Twist damp hair in sections around it, until all your hair is wrapped, then, secure with pins, if needed. By morning, you’ll have model-worthy waves.

Roll with it

Remember grandma’s rollers? Get some. Foam rollers are a great way to turn up the volume. Simply wrap the hair at the top of your head around a few rollers, go about your morning routine and pop them out just before you walk out the door. Fluff the roots with your hands and you’re good to go.

You can also turn up the heat with hot rollers. Roll them away from your face for glam Hollywood waves or toward your face for a more vintage effect. In about 20 minutes, you’ll have the volume you crave. To make it last, mist each section with hairspray before rolling and let the rollers cool completely before removing.

Crimp it. No, really. For a new twist on an old style, crimp only the under-layers of hair at the roots. The zig-zaggy pattern is a fantastic way to make your hair stand out from the scalp. Boom – volume. It’s quick and easy and requires zero expertise, and no one will ever see the crimps under the top layer of hair.

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