Five Ways You’re Blow-Drying Your Hair Wrong


5 Ways You’re Blow-Drying Your Hair Wrong

There’s absolutely no beating that fresh-from-the-salon look, but, at the same time, it’s hard to imagine shelling out the extra cash every time you want to look #flawless. If only you knew how to go from trying to extend that precious blowout to being able to pull that look off yourself. You’re actually in luck! What if we told you that it all came down to the top five ways you’re blow-drying your hair wrong? It’s true; changing the way that you blow-dry your hair before work (or before going out) can completely step up your hair game for good.

You’re Blow-Drying Your Hair While It’s Still Too Wet

This might be the hardest rule of all to follow, but you should never blow-dry your hair while it’s still dripping wet. It’s so tempting to hop right out of the shower and just start wicking the moisture away on the highest setting your blow-dryer will go to. But all of that heat concentrated on your still-wet strands will only further damage your hair and leave your mane a mess of frizz for the rest of the day.

In order to avoid the frizz and make sure your hair is as shiny as can be, wait until your hair is at least 80% dry before you plug in the hair-dryer.

Bonus tip: Skip the towel rub and pat your hair dry with an old T-shirt. Your hair will be softer, shinier, and healthier for it!

You’re Not Using the Right Products for Your Hair

Skipping styling products when you’re blow-drying your hair is about as silly and ill-advised as stepping out on the beach without any sunscreen on. You just shouldn’t do it.

If you want to keep your tresses looking and feeling healthy for the long haul, it’s important to take the time to spray some moisturizing leave-in conditioner or some color-protect leave-in conditioner (if you’ve dyed or highlighted your hair).

On the flipside, if your concern is with the way your hair falls flat by the end of the day, you may want to look into some volumizing potion to pump up the volume on your hair.

In any case, it’s important to find the right styling products that work for you—and there’s no rule that says you can’t mix and match!  

You’ve Got the Wrong Brush for Blow-Drying

One of the biggest reasons that you leave the salon feeling like a movie star is that your hairstylist is probably using exactly the right brush for your hair volume and texture. When you’re at home, you’re probably relying on one flat brush that you’ve used for years to get all of those same jobs done. Of course that brush—and your hair—are falling flat!

In order to get the stunning blowout results you’re looking for, you have to invest in the right kind of brush. For those voluminous waves or that chic, straight tuck-under that you get from the salon, you’ll need to look to a round brush. And, if you’re a big fan of heat, you may want to look for a hairbrush that can withstand high temperatures. There’s nothing worse than the smell of melting plastic bristles in the morning!

You Haven’t Cleaned Your Blow-Dryer...Ever

Speaking of funky smells, when was the last time you cleaned your blow-dryer? If the answer is that you can’t remember, it’s well passed the time when you should have been knocking all of the dust and filth out of the back of your blow-dryer.  

When your blow-dryer is squeaky clean and fully functioning, it takes way less time for you to get the job done and completely dry your hair. And, when it takes less time to dry your hair, your hair ends up far less damaged in the long run. How great is that?

You Aren’t Blow-Drying Your Hair in Sections

The final way you’re blow-drying your hair wrong is by trying to dry it all in one fell swoop. You would never catch a hairstylist taking on your whole head of hair at once, why, then, would you attempt to blow-dry every single part of your hair without separating it into sections first?

There is, of course, an easy remedy for this follicular faux pas. Take an ordinary clip, part your hair into easy-to-manage sections, and start blow-drying your hair from the bottom layer up.

It’s the best way to ensure that your hair dries evenly and beautifully. Who wouldn’t want that?

There may be several ways that you’ve been blow-drying your hair wrong, but there are also just as many ways to correct those habits and make sure your hair is stunning day in and day out!

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