Foolproof Coloring Techniques for Long Hair


Foolproof Coloring Techniques for Long Hair

Calling all of our long-haired ladies who consistently struggle with the upkeep of their luscious locks. This one’s for you. We know the conflicts you combat on a daily basis all too well. Excessive products, tangles galore, and most importantly prolonged coloring sessions. We know there’s nothing better than finding the perfect combination of highlights and lowlights for your long cascading locks, but sometimes your abundance of hair makes it hard to see them in all their glory. That’s why coloring techniques are altered to accommodate the length of your hair. Check out our tips and tricks on how to make your color stand out after each salon visit with foolproof coloring techniques for long hair.

Babylights Babylights Babylights

The key to showcasing any color job is the proximity of the highlights to the face. Incorporating babylights into the hair will highlight the high points of the face and draw attention to the newly colored root. These detail-oriented highlights color fine pieces of hair, giving the impression of a sunkissed glow. By gently applying babylights throughout the root, you eliminate the need for thick, bulky highlights. 

Stack Those Foils 

The most vital technique when coloring thick, type C hair, is to stack in foils as tightly as possible. Separate the hair into layers, ensuring that each portion is thoroughly colored. Packing in foils delivers the often desired, overall lighter look. To achieve this, weave the hair into tight strands, placing foils on top of one another.  The result is a bright, natural looking dye job. 

Add Dimension Throughout 

Depending on the color you are wanting to achieve, it is beneficial to incorporate dimension. Contrasting highlights and lowlights of varying shades allow for a much more natural and unique look. Include cooler tones towards the root and around the frame of the face. Lighter colors pull the eye towards the face, and away from root grow-out. Make your way backward, strategically placing lighter pieces amongst distinguished lowlights, stemming from the root. You can also add a shadow root for more variance, and to eliminate the need for routine dying. Repeat throughout the various layers of the hair, for a full-bodied look. 

Long hair can be tedious, especially when it comes to coloring. Employ these tips and tricks for a show-stopping hairstyle. 

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