Fun and Flirty Festival Hair Ideas


Fun and Flirty Festival Hair Ideas

Festival hair is a must-have for Summer, so here are the best festival hairstyle ideas to inspire you. Whether you’ve got stick-straight tresses, beachy waves, or free-flying curls, a punky pixie cut, long hair for days, or a rock ‘n’ roll shag, you can rock an Instagram-worthy fun and flirty festival hairstyle. Not a huge fan of flower crowns? Not to worry! There are plenty of festival hair ideas that go beyond the classic flower crown look. The key to pulling off the best festival hairstyle is to play up your natural beauty and accessorize

Okay, so we said we wouldn’t focus exclusively on flower crown festival hair ideas, but they’re one of the number one ways to show off your carefree spirit at a music festival, so we practically have to start there.


Rock a Flower Crown Like the Festival Goddess You Are

Nothing says, “I’m a music festival goddess” quite like the classic flower crown adorning simple, beachy waves. It’s the epitome of free-spirited, Mother Nature-loving hippie goodness. Whether you’re a west coast granola babe or an east coast polished princess, you can be a flower child for a three-day festival and let your fun and flirty hair flow beneath your simple crown of daisies and dahlias.

For that extra carefree hair vibe, let your hair air dry the right way.


Let Your Side Braid Festival Hair Flow Free  

No matter what texture your hair is, curly and thick or straight and fine, a side braid is such an easy festival hairstyle to pull off. All you really need is a fun hair tie to tie it off at the end. In order to make it perfectly festival chic, you may want to add some bejeweled accessories throughout or rock a boho headband to give it that extra flirty flair.

Worried about your braid falling out or getting frizzy in the mugginess of summer festival weather? Spritz on a little bit of finishing spray for all-day beauty and shine.


Play Up Shorter Hair With Fun and Flirty Accessories

Festivals just wouldn’t be festivals without a sea of colorful accessories and somewhat outrageous garb that would be acceptable absolutely nowhere else. Where else can you wear a bathing suit top, ripped shorts, and a flower crown...and totally blend in? Exactly, nowhere.

With that in mind, now is the time to go wild with fun and flirty accessories. Rock some feathers. Toss in some tassels. Clip in some nostalgic 90’s butterfly clips.

Whatever you do, play up your short hair with as many accessories as your heart desires. Music festivals are the best place to show off your unique sense of style—especially when it comes to your hair.

Festival hair inspiration isn’t hard to come by. Just rock what makes you feel fun and flirty, and you’ll be sure to turn heads, even when the headliner is on stage.

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