Get The Most Out of Your Shower With These Hair Washing Tips


Get The Most Out of Your Shower With These Hair Washing Tips

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you have after a trip to the salon. Your hair is soft, voluminous, most importantly healthy. Dead ends are gone, and strands are restored to their natural state. We oftentimes wonder, what is it about the salon that makes our hair look and feel so beautiful. What if we told you that you could experience this same fantastic feeling at home? It all starts with proper treatment and the right products. Check out these skillful tips on how to get the most out of your shower with these hair washing tips!

Capitalize On That Comb!

How can we better prepare our scalp for that daily washing? Experts say that combing through hair both prior and during washing can deliver astounding results. For key ingredients to infuse themselves into the scalp and hair shaft, stimulation done by combing is crucial. Before stepping foot below the showerhead, take a comb to those locks. Detangling those chaotic strands will allow both the shampoo and conditioner to do their magic. Opt for a wide tooth comb to incorporate the conditioner into the hair. By thoroughly separating individual strands, conditioning elements manage to infuse themselves into every bit of the hair. Ultimately, hair is left moisturized and resistant against breakage.

Overkill Is Overrated

We have been told for years that daily washing can be detrimental to the hair, but do we truly understand how harmful it can be? Although our products are infused with the most vital ingredients, damaging effects can go much further than that. Harmful elements in our tap water can actually override any nutritional gain we get from even the best hair products. But don't underestimate your body's ability to build up a tolerance to these toxins with the natural oils we produce by the scalp. Everyday washing strips the hair of these natural oils, leaving strands exposed and prone to breakage. So what's the solution? Shower in moderation and find the hair product that best sustains the integrity of your hair, like this Ultra Moist 5 in 1 Cleanse Conditioner

Know Your Hair Type

An effective hair wash begins with knowing exactly what your hair craves. Those with coarse hair yearn for extra moisture, and color treated hair covets those reparative ingredients. Targeting the hair’s deficiencies can better help decipher which products are essential for your daily beauty routine. For most, hair is the epitome of an individual’s personal style. Give those locks the attention they deserve and opt for products that revamp your tired strands.

Caring for your hair is a full-time commitment. Tired tresses need some extra attention and we’ve got the answers you need.

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