Get Ready For That Hairstyle Makeover


It’s the umpteenth day of quarantine, and we’re all itching for normal…a walk outside, lunch in a café and finally getting rid of those unsightly roots and split ends. In fact, looking at the same drab hairstyle day in and day out may have us more than ready for a big change. Until that glorious day when your stylist is once again open for business, now is the perfect time to think about what you really want when you slide into that chair. Our pre-isolation look may be a distant blur to some of us, and this is the perfect time to reinvent a new look, whether its an edgy cut, bold color or both!

Go with the fringe


Bangs are a quick but significant way to update your hairstyle. There are degrees of bangs, ranging from blunt, layered and fringed depending on how much of a change you’re looking for. Speak to your stylist about what kind of bangs would be right for you, depending on the shape of your face and the daily maintenance that makes sense with your lifestyle. Blunt cut bangs require more visits to your stylist and can take a longer timeframe to grow out if you don’t want to keep them. While you wait, you can curl your hair against your forehead to fake it and try bangs out risk free.

Take a trip into color


Always wanted to find out how much fun blondes really have, or cover your tresses in an inky black hue? Color can completely transform your look and unlike a drastic cut, it can be easier to update if you find out it’s not for you. Think about if you’d like an all over color or have your stylist start with subtle highlights. An ombre or balayage, from both light to dark or dark to light, can be an in-between option if you’re not ready for an all over change.

Embrace the rainbow


Some of us may have experimented with temporary fun colors these past few months but were afraid to take it all the way. Why go with only one vibrant color when there are so many to choose from? Talk to your stylist about a reimagined ombre with purple and blue or weave in all the colors of the rainbow. Be bold when you break out of quarantine.

Bobs are always a fantastic choice


A bob cut is a great way to get rid of the dead ends that have been multiplying all these weeks and refresh your style. It’s completely customizable and easy to maintain, especially if your stylist creates a layered bob. Unlike bangs, this update works well with most face shapes and textures of hair. This is a great cut to get if you’d like to minimize blow dry time but brighten up your look.

We can’t wait to have you back!

As much as you’ve missed your stylist, they’ve missed you even more. Don’t be afraid to come armed with pictures and questions about what they think would be the best and easiest new style for you!


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