Get Your Costume Ready for Prime Time with These Spooky Halloween Hairstyles


Halloween season is here again. In honor of the spookiest of holidays, we’re going to play a game of trick or treat. For the treat (we’ll get to the trick later), we’re going to help you find the perfect costume for everyone in your family and teach you how to top it off with a few spooky Halloween hairstyles. 

Spooky Halloween Hairstyles and Costume Ideas for the Whole Family


Skeleton Costume

This Halloween classic is so simple to pull off it’s almost scary. Let’s start with the hair; there are a lot of ways you could go here, but we think the look works best when the hair is pulled back and off the face. Keeping the hair out of the face allows the spooky makeup to stand out. To get the makeup right, start by covering your forehead, cheeks and nose with white face paint. Then, use black face paint to surround the eyes and create stitching around the mouth.   

The last thing you need is the right outfit for your skeleton costume. If you’re feeling crafty, here’s how to create it yourself out of some old pajamas or sweats:

  • Start with a long-sleeve black top and a plain white undershirt. 
  • Cut holes in the black top in the shape of skeletal bones.
  •  Add a pair of black sweatpants and a jack-o-lantern, and your skeleton costume is ready to go. 


Vampire Costume

What’s spookier than an undead being that feeds on the blood of the living? No seriously, we’re asking, because vampires sound about as scary as you can get. Not that it needs the help, but here are some tips to make your vampire costume the scariest one on the block. 

  • Hair: Go for a bold style by spiking the hair on the top of the head straight up with some ultra-firm gel. Make sure to do this while the hair is still wet for a better hold and sleeker style. 
  • Makeup: Use white face paint to make the face look sullen and pale. Then, add some red around the eyes to create a menacing glare. 
  • Outfit: Vampires have existed in folklore for hundreds of years, so you’ll want to go with a frilly, old-fashioned shirt and pants. Add on a matching suit vest and cape, and you’re ready to send chills down everyone’s spine this Halloween.  


Witch Costume

The witch costume is as synonymous with Halloween as trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns and candy at this point. The costume has been around for so long that there are several ways you could go with it – wicked, alluring, sweet, etc. Here are some tips if you want to go with the more traditional spooky look:

  • Start with the hat, a witch has to have a hat. The pointier and bigger the hat, the better the costume will look.
  • Just because you’re wearing a hat, doesn’t mean you can go with just any hairstyle. You’ll want to give your hair a long, flowy style to achieve the classic witch look. Start with a little temporary dye to give your hair a spooky tint. Then, create a middle part to allow your locks to fall as long as possible. Finally, use a flat iron to give your hair some waves.  
  • For the costume, stick with the classics – a long black dress, tall boots and lace gloves. Then, add accessories like a broomstick or a steaming cauldron. 


Zombie Costume

The best part about a zombie costume (other than how extremely terrifying it is) is that it’s really easy to pull off. You just dress up as yourself… well, a walking dead version of yourself anyway. 

Start with your normal hairstyle then mess it up to make it look like you’ve been shuffling around the empty streets of a post-apocalyptic zombie world. For a final touch, just add a little fake blood and a few leaves. 

The makeup is going to be the tough part. To really stand out from the other zombie costumes this Halloween, you’re going to have to go all out. Luckily for you, there’s no shortage of creative zombie makeup tutorials out there.   

The costume is almost as easy as the hair. Just take an old outfit and tear holes in the cloth and maybe rip off one of the shirt arms. Then, cover it with some fake blood and dirt and your scary zombie costume is ready to go.


Creepy Clown Costume 

Step one, shave off all your hair… Just kidding! Clowns are too frightening – even for Halloween! (We told you there’d be a trick involved – Happy Halloween!)

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