Going Grey: Is It Right for You?


Grey hair’s association with old age is being turned on its head. Now, silvery grey tresses are in demand from fashion-aware young adults, and older generations are taking pride in their well-earned color change. While styles may vary across age groups, you and your grandparents may have more in common now than either of you expected. And, the best part is that grey hair looks great on all of you. Whatever your age, take a look at how to make your grey hair uniquely yours.

Fun, Fashion-Forward Grey


Young women - and guys – across the US and Europe are dying their blonde, red and brunette hair to stunning silver this year. The look provides a dramatic frame to any face shape. The color contrast makes dark eyes jump out, and it makes blue or green eyes look especially bright.

Seen in the coolest clubs, fashion runways and college classrooms, young and grey are popping up together all around. Still, the look is bold enough that not everyone is doing it, which makes going silver the perfect choice for those that want to own their individuality.

Coloring hair grey takes proper products and technique, especially if starting with dark hair. The multi-step process involves getting the hair to a near-white color first, then introducing shades of grey that can range from the popular and warmer mushroom-blonde to a cooler lilac tone. So, we recommend you leave this to the pros instead of going the DIY route.

Greying Gracefully


It can happen as early as your twenties or decades later, but for most, grey hair is eventually a reality. While some choose color to retain their original look, others use it as an opportunity to try something new altogether, and the rest work with the grey instead of against it.

For those ready to ease into the transition, or for those who are ready to abandon coloring their grey for a natural appearance, consider color blending. This technique gradually mingles grey hair with highlights and lowlights for a softer, blended look that’s used by men and women. Color blending is also the perfect solution for growing out previously colored hair without the harsh lines that can make hair seem neglected.

Embracing Your Grey


There is nothing more empowering than claiming your true self. Both men and women lean into their natural grey hair for any number of personal reasons. Maybe because it’s easy to maintain, or because they’ve earned every grey strand, or because it flatters them.

Making grey hair gorgeous depends on two things – first, a great style and second, the right hair care products. As with any hair color, go for a well-maintained cut that flatters your face shape and fits into your lifestyle. Even natural grey hair can take on undesired tones like yellow. Try our Violet Sulfate-Free Shampoo just once a week to maintain a true silver or white hue with no dingy undertones. This product also keeps blonde hair from looking brassy.

Whatever your age, and however you choose to wear your grey, we’d love to see it. Visit one of our salons for your next appointment, and show us your silver shade on Facebook and Instagram!

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