Hair Care Tips for Your Labor Day Fun


Whether you're staying home and laying low this Labor Day weekend, having a backyard barbecue or celebrating a little differently this year, you want to stay safe but still keep your hair looking fantastic. You might be seeing your close family or a few friends, or perhaps just your housemates. Either way, you’ll likely be taking selfies and remembering this occasion as yet another unique memory of 2020. Get ready for your holiday weekend by taking some of our expert hair care tips into consideration.

But first, why do we even celebrate Labor Day? Let’s take a step back and look at the history.

Why we celebrate

Labor Day is dedicated to the American worker. Since its first observance over a century ago, it’s been celebrated with street parades, festivals, food and media coverage to recognize the contributions we’ve made to the strength and prosperity of our country.

What’s Labor Day have to do with hair?

Since the holiday is about showing appreciation for the hard workers of America, it’s only fair that we include our hair stylists working diligently to keep everyone looking good!  2020 has been a tough year. Let’s give our stylists an extra round of applause for doing all they can do to keep the creativity flowing, keep working, maintain our haircuts and help make our hair dreams a reality.


Hair care tips from the professionals

For your Labor Day festivities this year, make sure your hair looks great with some of these hair care tips, straight from the experts.


If you’re going to be outside or in the sun (after all, summer’s almost over), you definitely want to protect your hair from damaging UV rays. Especially for colored hair, sun can zap the shine from your locks and even fade your beautiful color.


Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner to protect your color and help keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. Or go one step further and incorporate a regular moisturizing shampoo and conditioner into your routine. You’ll strenghthen your tresses and add shine, one wash at a time. 


We’re asked a lot if it’s necessary to use a heat protectant, and we’d always recommend it to maintain healthy hair. When you’re ready to style your hair for the big occasion or simply that perfect selfie-moment, take some protective measures before using your go-to heat styling tools. Before blow-drying, flat-ironing or otherwise subjecting your strands to high heat, spray on some Keratin Thermal Protection Spray while the hair is damp. Your hair will be shielded from heat damage and have a smooth, shiny finish after you’re finished styling.

Relax your routine


Summer is usually a time for relaxing your hair styling routine a bit, and summer is almost over! Make those long days count while you still can by letting your hair air dry after washing. You’ll not only lessen the damage the heat may cause; you’ll also be gentler on your hair color and also have a more natural, carefree look for your end of summer celebration. And if your festivities include pool time, it’s best to opt for a simple-but-cute hairstyle that won’t suffer due to any stray splashes.



A great way to care for your hair and avoid unnecessary damage is to take advantage of fun summer hair accessories. A sparkly barrette, beaded headband, patterned scarf or even a simple bandana can play up your individual style and lessen the need for any extra styling effort. And thanks to the ever-popular boho-chic style, you can even repurpose a necklace or other adornment into a headband for a one-of-a-kind look.

You can certainly achieve a gorgeous look in no time flat, leaving more time in the day for memories to be made.


However you plan to celebrate Labor Day this year, make sure to take a moment to thank someone keeping the economy going, and make sure your hair looks great by minding these hair care tips. Show us your looks on social by using #StyleMeFantastic, and have a great holiday weekend!


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