Hair Color Terms You Absolutely Need To Know


Hair Color Terms You Absolutely Need To Know

It’s no secret that trending hair color techniques have taken the millennial generation by storm. These latest hair color crazes are everywhere from overflowing Instagram feeds to the hippest brunch spots in town. And yes, they will be thrown around by your very own hairstylist. So do yourself a favor, and get familiar with this hair color lingo before you make a beeline for your salon chair. You’ll be up to date on the latest hair trends and what looks best on you in no time. Take a look at our hair color dictionary with all the terms you absolutely need to know. You’ll be able to make informed decisions the next time you go in for a color treatment and tell your hairstylist what you really want.

Highlight Terms

Our first category of hair color terms will clue you in on what’s trending now in the world of highlights. When you’re determining which highlight technique will complement your natural hair color best, make sure you know what hair type you have. Whether you have thin strands or thick locks, if you know what you’re asking for, highlights can look fabulous on anyone.


This term originates from the French verb “balayer,” which means to sweep or to paint. In the hair world, balayage is a highlighting technique that looks effortlessly natural. The balayage effect is achieved by painting on sweeping highlights to the surface of the hair and the jaw-dropping results look fab on any hair texture. If you’re an adventurous highlight-or-die kind of girl, make sure to find a hair stylist you trust and give this color technique a shot. Even if you’re not, ask your hair stylist about what shade of balayage would match your hair color. You might just surprise yourself.


For those who aren’t necessarily committed to drastic highlights in sweeping measures, this is the highlighting technique for you. Babylights have been a hair color trend for a while a now, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The term itself eludes to the subtle or “baby” highlighting technique that is used to freshen up any hair color. While balayage or similar techniques involve applying highlights to larger sections of hair, these highlights are so fine that they just fade into your natural hair color as they grow out. Babylights can look fabulous on any hair type, but it looks best for those with thinner hair. The fine application of highlights doesn’t take over the hair the way more dramatic highlighting techniques do.

Tiger Eye

The tiger eye gemstone itself inspired this mesmerizing highlight technique. It’s achieved by mixing a combination of caramel, warm mocha, and cinnamon highlights to reflect the same warm glow of the gemstone. Tiger eye highlights are applied in much the same way that the balayage technique is applied to your hair leaving you with completely natural looking highlights. The result is a subtle, yet absolutely stunning blend of the warmest hues.

Hair Color Terms

If you’re ready to completely revamp and refresh your hair, you might be ready for a total hair color change. Before you decide on a drastic hair color change, be sure to know your skin tone. Your hair color complements the tone of your skin, and vice-versa. If you pick the correct hair color, your hair will naturally glow the same way your skin does. Ready for a hair color change? No one is stopping you! Know these terms before you make your way to your colorist's chair.


The word “hygge” is the Danish word for the concept of coziness – think a lit candle and a hot cup of tea. Naturally, it consists of warm hues that can look great with any hair color, but it best complements those who have skin with cooler undertones.

In order to obtain the hygge hair color just add richer and warmer hues to your natural hair color. So if you have naturally blonde hair, try adding more of a caramel tone. If you have brown hair, ask for added rustic chestnut shades to your hair. And for redheads, add a bit of a tarnished or bronze-red color to your hair. You’ll be ready to cozy up in no time!


Guaranteed to turn heads, this hair color oozes personality and demands attention. The exact shade resembles a bold peachy-orange color that’s a bit edgier than your typical rose-gold hair color. If you have naturally darker hair, you may have to do a bit of bleaching before the coloring process to make sure you pull the richest peachy-gold hues from your natural hair color.

Because of its mixture of warm and bright hues, its edginess can work with any skin tone. If your skin has a warmer glow, the blorange color will enhance the gold in your skin tone. But if your skin is a bit on the lighter side, don’t worry–the mauve tones in the rose-gold color work with lighter undertones too.

Platinum Blonde

You guessed it! Platinum blonde is a super glam version of blonde hair color, and it looks good with every skin tone. If you have naturally dark hair, it may take a few salon visits to reach the ultimate platinum blonde shade. But once you do, your new hair color will look so iconic you’ll never want to go back. Make sure to purchase some violet shampoo to make sure your new platinum blonde doesn't start to yellow or turn brassy.

Whether you’re just looking for highlights or you’re searching for an entirely new style complete with a color change, make sure you familiarize yourself with these popular hair color terms to decide what works best for your hair type and skin tone.

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