Hair Contouring: What Is It, and Is It For You?


Hair Contouring: What Is It, and Is It For You?

2016 will likely go down in the history books as the year of too many selfies...and too much contouring, though, to be fair, not all contouring involves the heavy application of highlighter sticks. This season’s most universally flattering (and subtly anti-aging) trend is hair contouring.

Spoiler alert: it’s definitely for you.

So, what exactly is hair contouring?

To put it simply, hair contouring is the strategic placement of hair color to accentuate and emphasize different areas of your facial structure in order to give the impression of a gentle lifting or thinning of the face.

Forget about botox. Hair contouring is 2016’s answer to the eternal question, “How do I maintain my youthful glow?”

Expert hair contouring starts with taking a good look at your individual face structure.

If you have a round face:  

You likely have a fairly symmetrical look, but you may fret about your cheeks not appearing as thin as they could.

Ask your stylist to help elongate your look by highlighting the tops and ends of your hair and leaving the midsection around your cheeks a shade or two darker. The contrast should be so subtle as to be hardly noticed.

If you have a heart-shaped face:

Your forehead may be wider than the rest of your face, lending itself to a triangular or heart-shaped look.

In order to even this out, have your hair stylist apply gradually lighter and lighter highlights as she moves away from your forehead. Balance these highlights out with a darker base up top. In essence, this technique mirrors the very in-style trend of sombre/ombre.

If your face is on the longer side:

Ladies with longer faces, rejoice! Hair contouring, when done right, can help give your face a more balanced, oval appearance, softening the look of fine lines and sagging skin.

In order to round out a longer face, your stylist may choose to keep your ends and roots a couple of shades darker and gently paint on highlights just around your cheeks. The overall effect is a lifting of the chin, which shaves years off of your appearance.

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