Hair Spray vs Hair Spritz: What’s The Difference?


Hair Spray vs Hair Spritz: What’s The Difference?

Once upon a time, hair spray was designed to lock down hair by leaving a thick residue and build-up that prevented any movement. But hair spray formulas have evolved to hold style without leaving hair crunchy and stiff while nourishing and repairing the hair. Did you know hair spray goes by many names? Finishing spray, finishing spritz, setting spray, and holding spray, just to name a few. Each product may offer various benefits, such as increased shine, frizz reduction, or enhanced volume, but they all have the same purpose; to hold hair. With all of these names and changes to hair spray, you may be asking yourself,  “What’s the difference?”

Hair spray is perfect for a firm, flexible hold

Hair spray will give you a strong hold without weighing down your hair with build-up.  Hair spray will reduce stubborn frizzy and flyaway hair while providing resistance against humidity. The best way to apply hair spray is to hold the can 8 - 10 inches away from your hair and spray evenly.  Some hair sprays can even be used during styling for extra control and hold.

Did you know it can also be called finishing spray? Make sure you read the directions and benefits when looking at hair sprays. They could have new and different names! 

Hair spritz is perfect for a flexible and long-lasting hold

Hair spritz, a non-aerosol spray, is perfect for softer and flexible holds. The formula is gentle enough that you can even brush through your hair after application. Hair spritz smoothes the hair while adding incredible shine. Hair spritz even doubles as a heat protectant from the sun and styling tools. Make sure you spray the spritz evenly on damp or dry hair to prevent heat damage before styling.

Did you know Aerosol sprays are best for providing the finishing hold on blown-out or smooth styles, while non-aerosol sprays are best for locking in curly styles and hair?

Bonus: Shaping spray will increase volume while giving a strong hold

Shaping spray will shape and mold while retaining your natural style. It can be used on dry hair to provide extra texture, control, and shine. This long-lasting formula also provides UV protection to help keep your scalp and hair healthy.


Beautiful hair deserves to be shown off all day long.  Whether you're looking for a romantic hair style for date night or a bridesmaid hair style for your best friend's wedding, these hair sprays will give you the hold and control you need. Now you're no longer wondering what's the difference between hair spray and hair spritz, and you are one step closer to being a hair guru with more sleep in the mornings.


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