Hair Static, Hat Hair, Dry Hair, Oh My!


Bad hair days. They happen to all of us, and often happen at what seems like the worst possible time. Going on a first date, interviewing for a job, presenting to an audience at school or work are definitely not instances when you need a bad hair day.  Maybe you handle bad hair days with another rapid wash in an effort to start drying and styling from scratch, or you find yourself reaching for styling tools and more spray or, if you can get away with it, you grab a hat and dash out the door.

We know a rough night’s sleep or a windy day can bring on bad hair, but sometimes the ongoing hair care we slack on, the environment we live in or the hat hair we get from trying to disguise the problem IS the problem.

When Your Hair is Dry


Dry hair, dry skin. Some of us are one-person fire hazards year-round due to genetics, environment or age.  Dry hair looks brittle and unhealthy. It breaks more easily than healthy hair, so it needs gentle, ongoing attention to get it back in shape and keep it that way. Consistency is key.

Having dry hair is so common, that we’ve dedicated entire articles to treating it. Options for repairing dry hair include: hot oils and masques to deep condition, moisturizing and leave-in conditioners, limiting shampooing and taking a break from chemical treatments that can strip moisture from your hair.

When Your Hair is Staticky


Winter means dryer weather for most of us, and it means that frequently running furnaces from the Dakotas to Florida are sucking humidity out of the air and out of your hair. While dry hair can be more chronic, staticky hair happens when your hair becomes charged with electricity from activities like brushing, combing, wearing hats or curling up under a blanket on a dry day. It’s never a good look, whether you’re a man, woman or child. It’s manageable though.

To tame static, run a humidifier at home, limit wearing materials like acrylic that add to static and treat your hair right. Conditioning your hair regularly, using a leave-in conditioner or our Smoothing Keratin Treatment, Smoothing Mousse or Smoothing Gel creates a moisturizing barrier between dry air and your hair.

When Bad Hair Day Becomes Hat Hair Day


Thank goodness for baseball caps and beanies when hair just won’t cooperate, we’re short on time or just not feeling like putting in the effort. The only problem is what you’re left with when taking your hat off. Hat hair, or hat head, is that all-too-familiar flatness on top and indented ring around your head, often with static thrown in. Now what?

Short of taking a shower or wrapping your hair in a steaming hot towel, it’s time to get creative. Trying to smooth your hair with a brush or comb may only highlight the difference between the smashed hair the and the hair around it. Depending on your hair texture and the products on hand, you may well be best off with a “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach by tousling the rest of your hair with wet hands and finger styling to appear intentionally disheveled. If you’ve thought ahead, you may have styling products with you like our Grooming Crème or Pomade.

If you’re having too many bad hair days or need help getting your hair back in shape, make an appointment with your nearest Fantastic Sams Cut and Color Hair Salon – or just walk right in. Our professional stylists will be glad to help.


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