Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: 3 Reasons to Make the Big Chop for Summer


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: 3 Reasons to Make the Big Chop for Summer

While there’s nothing quite like having long, flowing locks...for most of the year, that is, there comes a time when long hair can actually become more of a beauty burden than an asset. Summer is just around the corner, and with the changing of the seasons once again, there comes the perfect opportunity to switch up your look, start fresh, and make the big chop. Hair today, gone tomorrow: what could be more freeing than an amazing new haircut?

Short Hair is Way Cooler Than Long Hair

It almost goes without saying that short hair wins in the category of temperature. Long hair is gorgeous and looks fabulous in pictures, but underneath, you can definitely (probably) find a layer of sweaty hair glued to the back of your neck. No thanks.

When you make the bold decision to chop your hair off before the summer heat picks up, your neck breathes a quiet sigh of relief. Finally, you can enjoy the gentle breeze caressing you as the sun warms you pleasantly—never overwhelmingly.

From the choppy pixie to the layered lob, short hair for the summer is a heatwave win.  

Short Hair Can Help Your Hair Be Healthier

Who doesn’t want ridiculously healthy hair? Good news if you’re thinking about making the chop this summer: cutting your hair shorter may actually help it be healthier in the long run. Think about it: snipping those split ends off means that they don’t have the chance to creep up your hair’s strands and make the damage worse. When you nip split ends in the bud, you give your hair the chance to grow healthy and strong.

Plus, whenever you first make that chop, your hair is bound to feel silky and amazing instantaneously. And if you have fine and/or thin hair cutting it short can actually make it look significantly thicker and healthier. You may never want to go back to that long hair life.

Short Hair Takes Far Less Time to Style

Have you ever been jealous of how quickly your better half can get ready in the morning? Get ready to enjoy the shortest styling time of your life when you finally decide to try a new haircut like the choppy lob, which is not only the most flattering but by far the easiest hairstyle on earth.

All you’ll need to do is pat your hair dry (preferably with an old cotton T-shirt, not a towel), run a wide-toothed comb through it, add a dab of product, let it air dry overnight in a bun and voila: effortless style!

Really, when you think about it, there are no great reasons not to make the big chop for the summer. Short hair, don’t care, right?

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