Haircuts for the Superhero in Your Life


Haircuts for the Superhero in Your Life

The dad in your life deserves to be treated like a superhero. From killing bugs to changing tires, he has always been the one to swoop in to save the day just when you needed him most. This Father’s Day show the father, step-father, grandfather, and father-to-be in your life some love and give him the gift of a new haircut, so he can look and feel like the superhero he is.

The Batman

The batman haircut is for all the dads out there with straight hair who prefer a classic look. Ask the hairstylist for a haircut trimmed shorter in the back and kept longer at the top of the head for a length that can be slightly textured and styled. The classic batman haircut accentuates chiseled facial features and strong jawlines. Use some FS X-treme Gel for defined style and control that will last all day whether he’s saving the world or just killing a bug for you––which, let’s be honest, is the same thing.

The Superman

Inspired by the icon shown in comic books, the superman haircut is for men with wavier hair who want to go with a longer haircut. Similar to quiff hairstyles, this haircut is tapered at the sides of the head, and it remains longer than the batman haircut on top to allow for more length at the top of the head to texturize and style. Use FS Grooming Creme for a hold that allows flexible control all day long because there’s nothing better than a superhero dad with good hair to boot!

The Spiderman

The spiderman haircut is for the dads who prefer a messy, fringe haircut over a clean cut any day. It works best for men with facial hair and naturally curly locks. Ask the hairstylist for a clean trim at the ends of the hair while keeping considerable length throughout. When it comes to facial hair, ask the hairstylist for a full beard that’s trimmed to complement the shape of the jawline. Use FS Hard Wax to add texture and style to this haircut.

Dads everywhere deserve the world this Father’s Day because they’ve done everything they can to give it to us. Take your dad to a Fantastic Sams Hair Salon near you to give him one of these superhero haircuts to show him how much you appreciate everything he does for you.

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