Hairstyles He Secretly Loves


Hairstyles He Secretly Loves

Most guys shy away from sharing what they really think about your hair. Those same guys are secretly wishing you would wear your hair just they way they love it (though they know better than to tell you what to do with your life). In case you’re wondering how to catch his eye without splurging on a new LBD, you may want to give one of these hairstyles he secretly loves a try!

Bohemian Braids

Your man might not know what a Bohemian braid is by name, he definitely knows it when he sees it.

A long, messy Bohemian braid signals to your guy that you’re adventurous, spontaneous, and fun-loving.

Twisting your hair into a nearly undone side braid lets him know that you’re up for anything, and you’re (probably) down for a last-minute road trip to the Grand Canyon. He might also assume that you’d be game for buying tickets to an outdoor music festival. Either way, he’s totally intrigued.  

Loose Curls

He doesn’t have to know that loose curls actually take effort. To him, this look screams effortless cool—and he’s digging it.

When you wear your long, luscious locks in loose curls, your man daydreams about running his fingers through it and tucking it lightly behind your ears for you.

It’s a completely romantic hairstyle that will have him falling all over himself to open doors for you and send you song lyrics that remind him of your tumbling tresses.  

Sexy Side Bangs

Sexy side bangs make you look like an international woman of mystery to him. He loves to fantasize about you traipsing around the world, sipping cappuccinos and fighting crime.

Okay, maybe this look isn’t quite that dramatic. But side-swept bangs absolutely give you that extra air of mystique and can knock years off your age.

He can’t read you like a book when your hair falls gently over your eyes, and he really kind of loves it.

Long, Straight Locks

This is a classic girl-next-door look, and your man is all about it. Your long, straight hairstyle secretly drives him wild.

He might not tell you how much he loves your long, straight hair, but rest assured that it’s probably one of his favorite looks of yours.

The next time he offers to take you out on the town, throw on your favorite pair of pumps and set your hair to sleek and sexy straight.

Your man may secretly love all of these sultry hairstyles, but if he’s really being honest, he loves your hair best when you feel confident about it yourself. So, go ahead and rock whatever hairstyle makes you feel fantastic—because Fantastic Looks Good on You.

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