Hairstylists' Tricks for Keeping Your Blowout Fresh Post-Workout


Hairstylists' Tricks for Keeping Your Blowout Fresh Post-Workout

Given the tough choice between keeping your blowout fresh and sticking to your New Year’s resolution of working out every day, most women would opt for that good hair day. It’s totally understandable; nothing beats a killer new ’do. But, what if we told you we know all the tricks for keeping your blowout fresh post-workout? Want in on the secrets? Keep scrolling!

Never sacrifice style again in the name of sweat.

If you’re serious about fitness, but you’re also all about maintaining your fresh new blowout, you can easily prolong your flawless style with these tips and tricks:

Skip the Elastic

Pulling your hair up into a tight ponytail using an elastic is a guaranteed way to leave an unwanted kink in your blowout.

Don’t ruin all of that salon time with an elastic hairband that’s sure to tug at your hair and leave you sighing at your reflection in the mirror.

Instead, opt for an alternative hair tie that won’t cinch your ponytail so tight. There are several options on the market today that promise no-kink style, even after hours of use.

If you can’t seem to find a good alternative to elastic, the best advice we can give is just to style your ponytail as loosely as possible. In addition to leaving pesky kinks in your hair, pulling your blowout up into a tight pony ensures that the sweat from working out will pool in your roots instead of distributing itself evenly throughout your style. A pool of sweat? No thanks!

Keep it loose and lovely, and you’ll be rocking that fresh blowout look for days to come.

Use Dry Shampoo

Speaking of sweat, it’s time to talk about every gym-going gal’s best friend: dry shampoo.

It’s common wisdom that using dry shampoo after an intense workout can help refresh and revive your look—but did you know that you should also be applying it before you throw on your running shoes?

That’s right! To keep your blowout fresh post-workout, be sure to apply dry shampoo before and after hitting the gym.

Parting your hair into sections and spraying a little bit of dry shampoo evenly across your scalp all but guarantees that you won’t be left with a flat mess in the pursuit of flat abs.

Cheers to not having to choose between hair and health!

Minimize Twirling Your Hair

Okay, okay, we know. When your hair is fabulously, touchably soft after sitting in the salon chair, it can be soooo tempting to twirl it and run your fingers through it and play with the healthy new ends.

But, if you want to keep your blowout fresh post-workout, you absolutely cannot play with it. Twirling your hair and running your fingers through it not only distributes dirt and oil throughout your hair, it can also compromise the hold of the style.

The next time you get the overwhelming urge to mess with your tresses, don’t. Pull it back into a loose pony sans elastic, and let it be!

Keep Your Cool (With Your Blow Dryer!)

All workouts are not created equal. Some truly kick your butt and leave you sweating like nobody’s business.

For those special circumstances, it’s time to bring out the big guns—it’s time for blow dryer intervention.

All right, we know that the last thing you want to do when you’re sweaty is add more heat to your head. That’s why we’re recommending the opposite. Set your blow dryer to “cool,” flip your hair over, and hit your scalp with a blast of cold air to dry up the sweat and return your "do" to its pre-workout glory.

It really is as simple as that!

The best part of working out is feeling great about yourself, so why wouldn’t you want your hair to look amazing, too? With these tips and tricks, you don’t have to choose anymore.

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