Help Me Decide: Should I Get Bangs?


If your style seems a bit dull and you’re itching for a change, bangs may seem like the way to go. They can go a long way in refreshing your current cut, but they can also create weeks or months of regret. So how do you know if bangs are right for you and what kind of style suits you and your lifestyle? Read on for some things you may want to consider before you rush in.

Also, refer to our previous blog post for some other initial questions you should ponder before going all in with bangs.

One set of bangs doesn’t fit all


Depending on the shape of your face, certain styles of bangs may not work. If your face is more round, blunt, straight across the forehead bangs may be too severe but a thicker more layered type of bang could create a more flattering angle. Think of what type of bangs you’re looking for and whether they’d work well with your features. As with most styles, what looks good on one person may not look as great on another so before you commit, “test out” bangs by pinning them back in various lengths and thickness.

Think about maintenance


Some styles of bangs take time to maintain, in both daily styling and regular visits to your stylist for a cut. You may like the idea of bangs, but when it comes down to getting that fringe just right, you may not want to invest that kind of time. If you’re someone who loves to work up a sweat, consider a longer style of bangs that you could pin back during a workout. You may also want to consider that in the summer months, when hotter temperatures cause your forehead to sweat, even the best-styled bangs may not hold up to the heat.

Don’t try this at home


It may seem simple enough to just grab your scissors and cut across your forehead, but we can almost guarantee that deep regret will immediately follow that one snip. It’s a frustrating time right now as we are waiting to return to our stylists for regular upkeep of cut and color, but trying to maintain in the interim by cutting your own hair in any way may result in what’s being dubbed as “pandemic bangs.” Not only could you end up doing more harm than good, but it’s unclear when you can return to your stylist to have it corrected.

Spend your waiting time searching for inspiration


Many of us are getting restless as we wait for the go-ahead to get back into our stylist’s chair, but use these tips as inspiration to consider the style of bangs you’d want and how you would manage them going forward. Then on that glorious day when our doors are reopened, you’ll know exactly what you want!


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