Holiday Hairstyles: DOs and Don’ts


Holiday Hairstyles: DOs and Don’ts

The holidays are here. The halls are decked, and the mistletoe is hung (strategically, of course). Before you find yourself caught beneath the mistletoe with flat hair or flyaways (gasp!), take note of these holiday hairstyle dos and don’ts.

#1. Do Add a Little Holiday Shimmer

Whether it’s a bejeweled barrette or a few shimmering highlights, ‘tis the season to embellish your look with some sparkle and shine.

Don’t deck your hair out like it’s a holiday wreath!

While some adornments can take your holiday glamour to the next level, make sure you’re not overdoing it this holiday season. Beware of glitter (it’s nearly impossible to get out of your scalp; trust us). And if you find yourself adding actual ornaments to your hair, take a step back. 

#2. Do Experiment with Tousled Waves

One of this holiday season’s biggest do’s is sure to make waves. Literally.

Try out a tousled, "I-woke-up-like-this look." Keep the style polished by finishing your routine off with a chic finishing spray for a firm, yet flexible hold.

Don’t pull a full Shirley Temple.  

If you have straight hair to begin with, you may need to employ the use of a curling iron to pull this look off. Don’t fret if you end up with tight curls after using the wand. Simply take a blow dryer to your strands and tug lightly on the curls until they more closely resemble the desired waves you’re after.

#3. Do Try out a Fresh, New Shade

There are just so many fantastically flattering new shades to try out this holiday season. And it’s as easy as apple pie to pick a new hair color that will fit you better than your favorite pair of jeans.

Don’t try to go from brunette to platinum in a night!

It may be tempting to try a drastic change right before the new year. Just make sure you consult with your local stylist to see what’s realistically doable for your hair color.  

#4. Do Have Fun with It

Switch up your style. Add some shimmer and shine. Dabble in baubles, and do the wave. Most importantly: have fun with it!

Don’t stress about your holiday hairstyle.

There’s enough stress around the holiday season. Don’t add to it by worrying about scheduling a hair appointment. Simply walk right into your nearest Fantastic Sams location and fall in love with your holiday look today.

And for more holiday hairstyle inspiration, make sure you check out the Fantastic Sams Pinterest

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