The Hottest New Haircut For the New Year


The Hottest New Haircut For the New Year

This year, it’s time to shake things up and start fresh. It’s time to take some inspo from classic movie stars and forward-thinking fashionistas like Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow. It’s time to go short. Our prediction for the hottest haircut for the new year is the choppy pixie cut with extra length left on top. This versatile cut is great because it can be worn loose, flowing, and feminine or styled, spiky, and fierce. It’s totally up to you!

What Exactly is This Hot Haircut?

The choppy pixie is easy to style, fun to play with, and it’s unbelievably versatile for a short cut, thanks to the extra length left on top. In order to achieve this hot look for 2017, ask your hairstylist for a close fade on the sides and in the back with more length left on the top.

You’ll want all of that extra length on top to play around with and style. Especially if you have sharper features, having a little extra hair to style will soften your look and keep it feminine and fabulous. And, if you want to play up your rebellious side, all you need is a little styling pomade to take it from fresh and flirty to rock ‘n’ roll.

What Kinds of Products Do You Need For This Haircut?

Of course, you can totally rinse and go with this haircut, but it’s best when it’s carefully styled and perfectly put-together.

For a Softer, Everyday Pixie Look

As far as products go, to make this look work for you every day, you’ll want to have a little bit of styling mousse to pump up the volume and create some interesting texture.

Throughout the day, you may want to spritz the look with dry shampoo to keep your choppy pixie from falling flat or sticking to your forehead.

For a Rock ‘n’ Roll, Spiky Look

In order to achieve a super cool fauxhawk-type style, work in some sculpting pomade. Not only will this stuff keep your hair coiffed all day long, it also adds some stunning shine and daring definition. What more could you possibly ask for?

Finish off any look with some firm-holding finishing spritz. Keep your cool and scare away frizz for hours on end.

What are You Waiting For?

You know you want to give this hot, new haircut a try. If you’re tired of the same old haircut that you’ve been rocking since 2013, it’s time to give your look an update.

All it takes is a confident, rock ‘n’ roll attitude, some killer haircare products, and a visit to your local Fantastic Sams.

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