How To Determine Your Natural Hair Type


How To Determine Your Natural Hair Type

Flat, frizzy, lifeless, limp, oily, dry, rough, greasy. These are all words we use to describe our hair. But did you know that your hair can be so much more than that? If you were asked what type of hair you have, you would probably respond with one of three possible responses. Straight, wavy, or curly. Well did you know there are more than just three types of hair? In fact, there are way more than just three types.

According to the FIA hair type chart, there are TWELVE different types of hair because hair isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. In fact, your hair can also be a mix of two, or even three, types of hair. Each hair type is a combination of your natural curl definition, hair strand thickness, and overall hair volume. And knowing your exact hair type will help you choose the best hair care products and easiest styling routine. Here’s how to determine your hair type. 

Type 1: Straight Hair

Straight hair is (you guessed it) naturally straight with no curls and is characterized by flat strands, lack of volume, and its inability to hold hairstyles easily.  Now the good news, this hair-type happens to be the shiniest and most coveted of all the hair types and textures. Typically straight hair types naturally produce more oil and the lack of curl reflects light making it shiny the most coveted hair textures it has more oil than other types of hair 

Straight and Fine:  This hair category is characterized by fine, straight strands. If you fall under this hair group, your mane is probably difficult to style and doesn’t hold well at all. You likely wash your hair often, so try out some dry shampoo to save yourself from all the excess oil.

Straight with Body: You’re still in the straight hair category, but your hair has more body than Type 1A. Your hair may have bends here and there – typically at your tips. Unlike straight and fine hair, your hair may hold a curl and appears a bit fuller. Try some texturizing spray to get the volume your hair needs.  

Straight in Front, Party in Back: Your hair is straight for the most part, but you might find some waves hiding in the back. You’ll know if you have this hair type if it’s super thick and your go-to is anti-frizz anything. Your quick fix to frizzy hair is some nourishing serum.


Type 2: Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is the happy medium between straight and curly hair. These waves tend to form an “s” shape, and girls with this hair type tend to have less oily strands than girls with straight hair due to the coarser texture.  

Wavy with Bends: Moving into the wavy hair category, girls with this hair type have several bends in each strand. You likely frequented a straightening iron in your teens to get the naturally straight look. But your best bet is to work with what Mother Nature gave you and curl the waves you already have. Top it off with some finishing spray.

Wavy and Tight: Your hair is much like the first group of wavy hair, but the waves are a little tighter and have a bit more texture. Your hair is also more prone to frizz so make sure to apply smoothing mousse before styling your locks for the day.

Wavy and Frizzy: This hair type is characterized by the fullest, thickest, and, at times, frizziest waves of all. Women with this hair type tend to have a few curls mixed in with the waves that seem to whirl and form loose spirals. Your hair has a lot of body and bounces when you walk. Use shine serum to tame the frizz and create remarkable shine.

Type 3: Curly Hair

Girls with naturally curly hair have strands that form defined ringlets without the use of any tools or hair product. In fact, curly-haired ladies should stay far away from the hair dryer. Instead, squeeze curls while pushing strands toward the scalp and let air dry for best results.

Curly and Loose: Women with this hair type have strands that form the loosest curls with the largest diameter. Your hair texture is the easiest to straighten, but all curly hair is extra dry and prone to heat damage. Use some moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to make sure you’re giving your hair the hydration it needs.

Curly-Q: This hair type is defined by curls that are naturally tight and springy. They tend to fall towards the shoulders instead of out from the roots. This type of hair is manipulated best if product is applied while it’s still a bit wet. After showers, skip the blow-dryer and air dry your hair until damp and then apply some curl defining cream.

Curly and Frizzy: As you may have guessed, girls with this hair type have the thickest and frizziest curls of all. The curls resemble more of a coil shape, and the individual strands are packed super close together. Your saving grace is any product that reduces frizz. Check out this nourishing serum for a quick fix or this smoothing mousse if you’re styling your hair.

Type 4: Coily Hair

Women with coily hair have tightly coiled curls that lack the definition found in the strands of curly-haired ladies. It is also the coarsest and driest of all the hair types because it’s hard to hydrate the scalp between all the tightly wound curls. Try out some moisturizing shampoo and ultra-moist conditioner for added hydration.

Coily and Bouncy: Girls with coily and bouncy hair have a head full of miniature coils that tend to have the diameter of a pencil. The coils are also quite bouncy, and it is the only hair type in this category that falls towards the shoulders.

Coily and Tight: This category is a hybrid of the other two types of coily hair. The women in this hair group have coils that are tight and crimped, but not as crimped as girls who have kinky coils and not as loose as the girls who have bouncy coils.

Coily and Kinky: You have the tightest coil pattern of all complete with tiny ringlets that form kinks in the strands. These strands are also the coarsest and most susceptible to damage. Some say this hair type has a “z” shape pattern, but actually the coils are just harder to see.                 

Now that you know how to determine your natural hair type, make sure to use these tips and product suggestions to have the best hair day ever.  

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