How Does Aging Affect Your Hair?


How Does Aging Affect Your Hair?

As we age, everything from our metabolism to hair is affected. In fact beyond the external factors like - smoking, pollution and sun damage - aging actually occurs at the cellular level. This means that as our cells get older and less efficient, every part of our body does as well. But, don't panic! Aging is not all doom and gloom and in fact, there are things you can do today to counteract the hands of time.  Read more to learn how aging affects your hair along with the top tips you can start today for healthy and gorgeous hair tomorrow.

Why does your hair change when you get older?

As we get older the life, color, thickness, and quality of our hair deteriorate because the cells that makeup hair lose the functionality they once had. That’s why hair may start graying, thinning, or falling out once we reach a certain age. It’s not rocket science. But the reason this happens is a lesser known secret. Every hair on our head cycles through three stages as it grows. The first is the growth stage, the second is the transition stage, and the third is the resting stage. The older we get, the more time hair spends in the resting phase because the cells aren’t as efficient as they used to be to jump back into the growth stage. As a result, hair may be shedding faster than it’s growing back.

How does aging affect your hair?

Aging affects hair in more ways than just one. For one, hair color changes as we age because of the level of melanin found in each strand of hair. Melanin is a pigment that gives our hair it's natural color and hue. However, as we age our cells lose the ability to produce melanin at adequate levels. As a result, hair color becomes dull and eventually fades until it appears gray.

Likewise, aging can also affect the thickness of hair because our cells may not be functioning at optimum capacity.  As a result, your hair doesn’t grow back as fast, and when it does grow back, it grows in thinner and weaker than it did in our youth. 

What can you do keep your hair healthy as you age?

The best way to keep your hair healthy as you age is to take care of it. Invest in professional hair products, eat a healthy diet and reduce stress.  Hair products like a deep repair hair masque will replenish the vital moisture that gets lost as we age. Additionally, if your hair is thinning, the most beneficial thing you can do is to keep it as nourished with a healthy diet rich in vital nutrients that will help promote hair growth and optimal shine. Lastly, don't skip regular visits to the hair salon. Consistent hair trims and cuts which will eliminate split ends from doing more damage.

When it comes to aging the trick is not to prevent it––because unfortunately aging is completely unavoidable. However, there is something to be said for taking the right precautionary measures to age your hair well.


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