How to Fix a Bad Hair Day in Five Minutes or Less


How to Fix a Bad Hair Day in Five Minutes or Less

Some days, you wake up and roll out of bed with your hair perfectly beachy wavy and undone. Those days are miraculous and wonderful—but let’s be honest; they’re few and far between. On the flipside, there are days when you wake up, roll out of bed, and your hair is the definition of bedhead: unruly, knotted, and frizzy. Or worse, it’s completely flat and stuck to your head. Either way, it’s a no-go for a swift and easy morning beauty routine. For the top four bad hair day complaints, here are the best ways to fix a bad hair day in five minutes or less.

If You Have Flat, Lifeless Hair:

Fine-haired ladies, this one is for you. You know those mornings when you wake up, and your impossibly thin hair somehow seems even thinner? Maybe it’s super oily, and you just don’t have time for a shower, or maybe you slept on it the wrong way, and it’s now totally stuck to your head. In either case, there are some tried and true ways to pump up the volume on your hair and breathe some life into your lifeless locks.

One of our favorite ways to maximize your hair’s volume is to work in some dry shampoo for that second-day blowout look. Make it ultra-textured by combing the dry shampoo through the ends of the hair and tousling your tresses with your hands.  

Another quick fix is just to do a quick hair flip for literally instantaneous volume. It’s an old standby trick that beauty experts swear by.

If The Frizz Is Real Today:

Humidity is no joke. If the frizz is real today, and you can’t seem to tame it before you step out for the day, then you may just want to turn to a multitasking leave-in conditioner. Look for one that not only tames frizz, but also one that detangles, creates silkiness and shine, seals your hair’s cuticles, prevents breakage, and protects color.

For a more permanent solution, if you have chronically frizzy hair, look into treating yourself to a weekly deep conditioning masque. They only take 5 minutes per week, and they’re all but guaranteed to keep your hair looking and feeling salon-fresh and amazing.

If Your Bangs Are Driving You Insane:

When bangs are cooperating, they can be the ultimate accessory. But, when they’re being completely unruly, there are few worse hair issues to try to tackle on an already bad hair day. If your bangs are being a hassle, then there are a couple of quick fixes you can employ to transform them from nuisance to killer statement.

For one, if your bangs aren’t quite long enough to pull behind your ears and not quite short enough to wear stick-straight, you can always clip them with a fun accessory. Twist them up and tuck them to the side or clip them straight back for a dramatic change in your everyday look.

Another great bad hair day trick is just to make use of your favorite headband or headscarf. No one will even notice your unruly bangs; they’ll be too busy complimenting your stunning accessories.

If You’ve Got Mega Hat Hair:

Hat hair is definitely one of the most annoying bad hair day issues we all deal with at one point or another.

So, what do you do to fix it in five minutes or less? It’s actually super simple to remedy. But you generally have to do it before you place the hat on your hair. To avoid dreaded hat hair altogether, simply flip your part in the opposite direction of the way you normally wear it. Then, place the hat gently on your head. When you take it off later, all you’ll need to do is flip your part back to where it normally falls—no bumps, no sticking-straight-to-your-head. Just beautiful, natural volume!  

What is the best hair tip for preventing a bad hair day before it starts?

Invest in the best haircut for your hair type and lifestyle and maintain it with regular trims.  The cut determines how easy your hair will be to style. And a good haircut is the best way to prevent a bad hair day. For a good hair day every day, walk into your nearest Fantastic Sams Cut and Color and try out a fresh new look today!  

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