How to Get Perfect Beachy Waves


How to Get Perfect Beachy Waves

Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if you could just wake up every morning and have the flawless, sun-kissed curls of your dreams? What if you could roll out of bed and have perfect beachy waves, no fuss, no muss? Well, you’re in luck! Those perfect, flawless, sun-kissed, beachy waves aren’t just the stuff of dreams anymore. You can really pull them off—with minimal work in practically no time at all!

Achieving the perfect beachy waves starts with having the perfect products.

Most beachy wave hair tutorials suggest using salt spray, but the truth is:

       A) Over time, salt sprays dry out your hair, which can be especially damaging if you have long, thin, and/or fine hair.

       B) Salt sprays also make hair crunchy and unmanageable. If you want touchably soft waves, salt is not the way to go.

So, if salt spray isn’t the final answer in the quest for flawless, sun-kissed curls, what is?

Achieving the effortless style that’s usually earned after a long day of sand and surf starts with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. When your tresses are properly moisturized and healthy as can be, your curls and waves will have infinitely more bounce and flow.

As soon as you step out of the shower, instead of reaching for a towel to pat your sopping strands dry, grab a soft, old T-shirt (preferably made of cotton). That way, your hair doesn’t end up a frizzy, damaged mess.

Once you’ve wrung out most of the excess moisture, it’s time to employ the help of some multitasking styling mousse. Look for a mousse that offers protection from thermal styling tools while still adding body and texture. Bonus points if that same formula offers UV protection, pro-vitamins, and soy protein. After all, strong, healthy hair is beautiful hair.

If you’re in need of some extra volume, you can always turn to a flexible, medium-hold volumizing root lifter. There’s no such thing as too much texture or volume when you’re trying to emulate the perfect beachy wave hairstyle.

With all the right products in your hair, you can move onto step two: rough blow-drying your hair. For maximum volume, flip your hair over and evenly blow-dry until your hair is most of the way dry. Comb through your strands with your fingers and add a little bit of texturizing spray for that extra tousled look.

The final step to getting the perfect beachy waves is to wrap a few sections around a curling iron quickly.

The curls don’t have to be perfect, and they definitely don’t have to be the same size. The key is to make all of your efforts look totally effortless. Once you’ve curled all the sections you want to have more definition, gently tousle your waves, and you’re good to go!

Be your own kind of mermaid goddess. Rock the perfect beachy waves anytime, anywhere.

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