How to Get Stunning Hair Just in Time for Valentine's Day


How to Get Stunning Hair Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means, if you want to have stunning hair in time for the most romantic night of the year, it’s time to start preparing your hair for all of the romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles you want to try out now.

Stunning, vibrant hair starts with a healthy diet. If you want your hair to be en pointe for dinner and dancing on February 14th (or the weekend before, since it’s on a Tuesday this year!), you may want to pay special attention to how much water you’re drinking and what kinds of foods you’re putting on your plate.

Check out “Don’t Eat This if You Want Healthy Hair” to pick up on some diet tips and tricks for healthy hair.

The sooner you start upping your water intake, taking hair, skin, and nail vitamins (after consulting with your doctor, of course), and noshing on nutrient-rich dishes, the sooner your hair will return to its most natural vibrance.

Stunning, vibrant hair starts with a healthy diet.

The next most crucial step in attaining enviable hair just in time for Valentine’s Day is to make a visit to your local hair salon.

It’s recommended by most hairstylists that you get your hair fully cut at least three or four times a year. Most people can get away with a quick trim every six to eight weeks. (Read up on why you may need more than “just a trim.”)

In any case, it’s a good idea to squeeze in that final haircut before V-Day around one or two weeks beforehand.

While you’re at it, you may want to take a look at your roots. It’s one thing if you’re rocking that ombré or sombré look, but if you’ve got major root issues that can’t be tamed, you should probably head over to a trusted stylist for a hair color upgrade.

Not sure what color will help you shine on Valentine’s? Consult with “How to Choose the Best Hair Color” for great advice on picking the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Once you’ve nabbed a vibrant, new hair color and a killer, new haircut, it’s time to keep that hair stunning and healthy with weekly moisture and color protecting masque treatments.

These once-a-week, three-minute masques will help your hair maintain its color, shine, and healthy look for weeks after you’ve been in the salon. How awesome is that?

That’s it! That’s really all it takes to get your hair ready for stunning styling on Valentine’s Day.

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