How To Hide A Bobby Pin


How To Hide A Bobby Pin

After much time and consideration, we have officially declared the bobby pin as the official hair companion of summer because nothing beats the heat like a hairstyle delicately pulled away from the face. But nothing is worse than a perfectly executed summertime hairstyle swept away from your sun-kissed face than a pesky bobby pin glaring back at you in the summertime rays. That’s why we’re giving you the only tips you’ll ever need to implement a perfectly hidden bobby pin for all of your pulled back hair needs.

Spray the bobby pin with dry shampoo

The humid weather in the summer can make it easy for bobby pins to slip out of your hair. Before you place your bobby pin, spritz the inside of the pin with some dry shampoo for a little firmer grip and to avoid slippage once your hairstyle is pinned back.

Insert the bobby pin facing the right way

Did you know there is a right way to insert a bobby pin? If you didn’t, now you do. To maximize the hold, aim the open end of your bobby pin in the opposite direction that your hair is pulled. Once you secure it in the opposite direction, twist the bobby pin so now the open end is facing the same direction your hair is being pulled and push it in to your hairstyle to fasten it for an all-day, tighter hold.

Strategically place the bobby pin     

The best place to insert a bobby pin depends on the kind of pulled back hairstyle you’re going for. If you want a effortlessly swept back hairstyle, place the bobby pin behind each of your ears. If you’re going for some version of a pulled back summertime braid, place the one foot of the bobby pin against the crown of your head below the braid and the other side about the braid for maximum hold.

Bobby pins are a game changer when it comes to keeping your summertime hairstyles intact. Follow these tips to make sure your bobby pins remain as inconspicuous as possible.

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