How I Fell in Love With my Hair Again


Growing up, I dreamed of having long, thick hair with luscious, curls cascading past my waist. Maybe I watched too many fairytales as a child or perhaps, it was that summer vacation when we visited "the happiest place on earth" you know the one, it made us all want "princess-hair".

How I Fell in Love With my Hair Again

By guest blogger - Taylor

Regardless of the reason, I have finally realized that no matter how hard I try I probably will not ever have "princess-hair." Unfortunately, I inherited my Dad's thin, fine strands that tend to fall flat to my head the longer it grows. Even my natural curls have slowly disappeared thanks to years of flat irons, damaged ends - or could it be my age? After all, my twenty-something birthday is looming in the not too far distance.

There was a time when I would get stuck in the love-hate cycle with my hair, loving it one day and totally giving up on it the next. My hair looked lifeless and not so princess-like for my round facial structure; nor did I have the patience to wake up early, every morning just to style it, but I thought this  was something I was just going to have to learn to tolerate. 

So what did the trick?

I got it cut! And not "a trim the ends" kind of cut, a real haircut cut with a completely different style. I found a hairstyle that I fell hard for and it made me fall  in love with my hair all over again. So, I went to my local salon and never turned back! Literally, I did not want to turn around and see the amount of hair on the floor behind me. 

So, what is my new hairstyle? I got the Lob, which might as well be called the hairstyle of 2016, because this style is trending everywhere from celebrities and mom blogs to Instagram and fashion vlogs, and I fell right into it. The lob style provides the perfect balance between long and short styles, yet offers the freedom to make it your own.

My lob is layered with a little extra length in the front to complement my rounder face and shorter layers in the back for natural volume. Speaking of volume, my hair has never looked so bouncy and dare I say thick and luscious?  My new lob hairstyle may not technically be considered long hair, but I don't care because my hair has never felt so “me” as it does today, and I love it!  

And she and her hair lived happily ever after.  The End....

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