How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Looking Fantastic All Summer


It’s almost May, so dust off the flip flops and get ready for warmer weather (finally!). 

You might already be thinking about pool parties, beach adventures, backyard barbecues and other outdoor activities to enjoy the sunshine. While these are some of the best parts of summer, they can also wreak havoc on your locks, causing dried and split ends, faded color, a burnt scalp and more.

No matter what type of outdoor activity you’re planning, a little TLC in the form of the tips below is all your hair needs. Now is the perfect time to learn about how to keep your hair healthy and looking fantastic all summer long. 

Summer tips for healthy hair


With all of the choices available in shampoos and conditioners, it’s hard to know which to choose, but we suggest opting for ones that focus on moisturizing hair. To layer on the moisture, you can also find leave-in conditioners that are specifically designed to help prevent sun and chlorine damage, like this lightweight one with a UVA/UVB sunscreen included. As an added bonus, you’ll be protecting your color from fading and have fewer tangles to deal with.

Apply sunscreen

That’s right – sunscreen’s not just for your skin; it can be great for your hair as well! If you don’t have the right hair-specific products handy, you can substitute regular sunscreen to help protect your hair from sun damage. The trick to application, though, is to rub a small amount in between your hands before lightly smoothing over your scalp and strands, unless you’re using a spray-on variety that you can easily mist throughout your locks. 

To avoid a scalp sunburn where your hair is parted, which is no good for your hair or your skin, try styling your hair into a high bun or ponytail before applying sunscreen.

Break up with your heat tools

Since it’s easier to air-dry your hair in the summer months, give your blow dryer, flat iron and curling wand a break and opt for a more natural styling method without the heat. This will help cut down on split ends and dryness. If you need extra frizz control and shine, try our Style Prep 10 for fantastic results. 

Need some heatless style inspiration? Try washing your hair at night, use your Style Prep 10 on damp hair and braid into four sections after your hair is almost dry. When you wake up, remove the braids and finger-style your beautiful summer waves, finishing the look with a flexible hold finishing spray.

Don’t forget the hat

Wearing a hat is always a good choice when enjoying the sunny weather. It not only protects your face from unnecessary exposure but your hair and scalp as well. We love wide-brimmed varieties to add extra style to an outfit, but you can also go with a baseball cap or other type depending on your personal preference.

Water before water

If you’re heading to the beach or pool and forgot to prep your hair in advance, don’t worry! Just wet your hair thoroughly before exposure to chlorine or salt water. The hair will absorb this water instead of harmful pool chemicals or salt. 

Treat the after-effects

There’s a chance that even if you follow these tips and are extra vigilant in protecting your hair from harmful exposure, you may still have some damage to contend with. In that case, try a deep conditioning treatment or repair masque to replenish moisture. Your stylist may also be able to recommend a new cut or style to help get your hair on the way back to healthy.

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