How to Repair Your Damaged Hair


At some point, we will all experience damaged hair.  Maybe it happened from impulsive "do it yourself" hair color, a flat-iron obsession or too many summer days spent at the pool.  Whatever the cause, a few simple changes can repair your damaged hair.  

How to Repair Your Damaged Hair

Did you know, that 90% of women do something every day that damages their hair? In fact, Women spend an average of 30 minutes a day on routine hair grooming such as brushing and heat styling which causes hair damage.

So it may be surprising to learn, that nearly nine in ten U.S. women still believe their hair has little or no damage!  It’s not uncommon to think your hair is healthy when in fact it is damaged. We often fall into a routine of bad habits. But at what point is it too late to repair damaged hair? First, let’s take a look at common actions that cause damaged hair.

Causes of Hair Damage:

  • Hair Brushing: 82% of women brush their hair daily or more, which can cause up to 23 percent more damage to hair

  • Ponytail Holders: Nearly 50% of women use ponytail holders once a week or more, which can cause up to 20% more damage to hair

  • Heat Styling: 60% of women heat style (includes blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons) their hair once a week or more, which can cause up to 33% more damage

Common Signs of Hair Damage:

  • Dull in color

  • Split ends that make hair look dry and brittle at the ends

  • Excessive hair loss while brushing or combing

While some signs of hair damage are visually apparent, others are not too common to the naked eye.

Hidden Signs of Hair Damage:

  • Split ends that occur in the middle of your hair, commonly confused with frizz

  • Breaks easily. Your hair should have natural elasticity, returning to its normal position when stretched. A lack of elasticity may need proteins.

  • Dry hair is a sign that you need more moisturizer. Your hair should never be dry and brittle, especially when you get close to the roots.

When not treated properly, damaged hair can take its toll. Split ends will continue to split, creating small, uneven ends that make your hair look dry and broken, dry hair can turn into relentless tangle fights with the comb, and breakage can create dull, frizz-like styles that make hair look and feel damaged

If your hair shows significant signs of damage, here are four ways to rejuvenate your hair and bring life back to it!

1. Get a treatment

Depending on the feel of your hair, you may need a hair treatment to return proteins and moisture to the stands.

2. Keep it Trimmed

Trim your hair before you let split ends multiple and travel through your ends. This will also keep unwanted dead weight off your ends, which can take away natural volume and body.

3. Use the right products

The right hair product can completely change your hair. What particular elements do you need to consider for your personal hair care? We’ve put a list together to help you.

4. Leave it alone

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your hair is leave it alone. Don’t use harsh chemicals, colors, products or heating tools on your hair. Your hair is not living and cannot heal itself, but leaving it alone is the first step towards rejuvenating hair health.


Hair damage is the number one issue that prevents women from having good hair days. No matter what the damage looks like - split ends, breakage, frizz, or lack of body, damage can lead to unmanageable hair and bad hair days. Try these few simple tips and give your hair the care it needs to Always Be Fantatstic.


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