How to Tell Your Hairstylist What You Really Want


Have you ever been to the hair salon with the perfect hairstyle in mind but not the perfect words to describe what you want? You’re not alone! Though hairstylists can often transform your hair in ways you never even considered, they cannot read your mind.

How to Tell Your Hairstylist What You Really Want

The initial consultation is the perfect opportunity to tell your stylist all about that fabulous new cut and color that you want.  But, how can you ensure that what you are saying will match what you will get?  Here are the tools you need to tell your hairstylist what you really want.

1. Be Specific
If you have a particular cut or style in mind, be specific about it. Your hairstylist is there to help you, so don’t be afraid to give details and explain your desired look. We are often inspired by other people’s hair and want a similar look or feel on our own. Just make sure you express what you want in detail with specifics. The better visual your stylist has, the better they can deliver the results that you want. Make sure that you and your stylist both have the same vision in mind so that you are both on the same page.

2. Bring a Picture
We all know the saying, “that a picture is worth a thousand words.” Unless you are familiar with hairstyle lingo, you may not know the specific terms used to define the hairstyle you want. So, bring pictures lots of them - from magazines or from saved searches on your phone -  show your stylist. Tell your hairstylist what you like and don’t like about the pictures. Do you like the color? Do you like the layers? Pinpoint the elements you are looking for and your stylist will do the rest.

3. Trust your Stylist
Although your stylist is a highly-trained professional, they are not a magician.  A great result starts with you.  Are you realistic about your unique features, such as face shape, hair type and your overall style and personality? These are all important elements to consider.  When your stylist advises that the pixie cut might not be the best for your face shape - then it might be smart to finally consider the choppy lob that she has been suggesting.   

Once you both are on the same page and feel confident about your new haircut, trust their advice to customize the perfect hairstyle for you!  Being specific and realistic about what you want and trusting your stylists professional can help you get the style you want to Always Be Fantastic! 

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