How to Transform the Messy Bun into a Chic Up-Do


How to Transform the Messy Bun into a Chic Up-Do

Every quick-fix woman knows the inner workings of a messy bun far too well. This quick and convenient hairstyle is the hair’s equivalent of athleisure when primping just isn’t an option. We have seen hundreds of variations of this coined style, however, it seems that with each minute that passes before we must run out the door, that “messy” bun turns into a monster of its own. We want to transform this lazy girl hairstyle into a chic, fashion-forward statement piece and this is how we’ll do it.

Try it half-up-half-down

For the girl on the go who’s looking to add a trendy touch to her everyday look, try the half-up-half-down messy bun. The half-up-half-down bun is an edgy, fashion-forward solution for any hair type for when a nice hair bath is on the horizon and time is of the essence.

How to achieve this bun:

Gather half of the hair at the crown of the head, while either leaving your hair part intact or brushing it back completely. With the hair in one hand and a hairband ready in the other, twist the hair until it begins to coil. Wrap the twisted portion around the base and secure with a tie. Pull on either side of the bun to loosen up the strands. Finish with FS Finishing Spray for a look that lasts until the day’s end.    

Incorporate a braid

Searching for a look that reflects your chic side? Incorporate braids into your messy bun. Waterfall, French, pull through, you name it! Adding a braid to the classic knotted hairstyle is the perfect way to spice up your go-to bun.

How to achieve this bun:

Begin braiding at the front of the hair, and work backward toward the base of your hairline or your crown depending on where you want your bun to sit. Carefully gather the rest of the hair, while ensuring that the braided section is kept taut. Twist hair into a bun, securing with a hair tie. Pull on either side, loosening the bun to the desired extent. Pull out pieces of hair to frame the face. Finish with FS Shine Mist to add radiance to the modern, polished look.

Tease your hair

We know it can be difficult to pull off a perfectly executed messy bun with the appearance of seamless volume. The texture we crave is ample in the bun itself. However, the top of the hair is pulled tight to the crown of the head. The key to achieving the perfect volume with your messy bun lies in the preparation. Tease your hair just enough to give it the volume you’re looking for and to create the perfect photo-ready finish.

How to achieve this bun: 

Begin by gathering the front section of the hair, holding it up high above the head. With a teasing comb, brush downward toward the base of the strands. When the desired volume is achieved, carefully pull the remaining hair into one hand. Twist into a bun and secure with a hair tie. For more volume, pull the hair from the top of the head out from the hair tie. This step takes the volume to the next level. Finish the look off with FS Finish Spritz for a flexible and long-lasting hold.

If the messy bun is your hair knot of choice, familiarize yourself with these messy bun hairstyle techniques for the next time you’re rushing out the door or looking for a quick and easy up-do.

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