How to Travel in Style

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Have you ever wondered how celebs can look so chic and effortless when traveling the world? Well, you are not alone. By following a few tips and tricks you can join the ranks of the jet set and pull off a travel style that is comfortable, stylish and will always look fantastic in travel pics.

How to Travel in Style

1. Dress for comfort.

Whether you are driving or flying to your destination, traveling in style doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort.  Here's how to travel in style:

If driving:

  • Wear shoes that you can easily put on or take off so you can quickly and easily transition between pit stops and stretch breaks.

  • Wear clothes that are accommodating to a wide variety of seating positions such as athleisure wear or a maxi dress.

  • Wear your hair down or in a loose style that will rest comfortably on the headrest.

If flying:

  • Wear comfortable slip-on flats that will make going through security a breeze.

  • Dress in light layers that will keep you at a comfortable temperature both in the terminal and on your flight.

  • Wear your hair up or out of your face. You don’t need any extra irritations when dealing with luggage and tickets! 

2. Layer like a pro.

Weather is never a sure thing. When packing, think of outfits that work well without an added layer. This way, you are packing less to accommodate more. You can add layers with articles like shawls, tank tops, casual jackets, or even a hat.

3. Use the right bag.

A bag seems like such a simple thing when deciding how to travel in style, but it can make a difference in your travel needs. Splurge on a great bag that can be paired with a variety of outfits for easily added style, and pick a bag that can serve multiple purposes.

It also helps to have a bag with plenty of pockets to help keep your belongings organized and easy to find while on the go.

4. Keep it fresh.

A long day of travel can leave you feeling frazzled and tired, but packing a few key items in your carry-on can help you arrive in style.

  • Travel size dry shampoo so you don’t have to worry about greasy, flat hair,

  • Face wipes to get the dirt and grime. These can also double as body wipes for your arms and hands.

  • Travel size fragrance for a spritz of freshness.

5. Keep it simple.

It’s nice to have wardrobe options when traveling, but packing light and right is the key to a stylish travel look. Keep your wardrobe simple. Pack clothes that are in the same color palette, so it easy to mix and match throughout your trip. 

Be sure to pack shoes and accessories that can be worn with multiple outfits. Bring no more than two pairs of shoes that you can either dress up or down with each outfit along with comfortable accessory pieces that are interchangeable and easy to pack.  

Regardless of the destination, by following a few tips travel can be easy, comfortable and always fantastic. So grab your carry-on, put on your sunglasses, and get ready to take-off in style.

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