How To Wear Your Hair For an Interview


How To Wear Your Hair For an Interview

So you’ve just graduated from college, and you’re about to start in the workforce for the first time. It’s exciting, but it can also be scary. Everything is about to be different. No longer is it acceptable to roll out of bed, pull on some yoga pants, and throw your hair into a messy bun to make it to your 11:15 on time. Getting ready in the morning takes a little more time, a bit more effort, and the wake-up call is a lot earlier. But before all of that happens, you have to nail your interview. The first step to rocking the interview, besides being prepared, is looking great. And heads up: Your messy bun just won’t cut it. But what is the best way to style your hair for the interview? Follow these tips to find out how to wear your hair for an interview and land your dream job.

Do choose a hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face

We all know that making eye contact when speaking is the best and most effective way to address others. And this is no exception when it comes to interviews. Make sure to choose a hairstyle that keeps your hair behind your ears and doesn’t overwhelm your face. Whether you opt for a sleek low pony or prefer to wear it down, be sure your hairstyle keeps any loose strands out of your face.

Don’t forget to seal the deal with hair product

While it’s true that going natural is key when it comes to the interview look, don’t ditch hair product completely. Keep it simple, and stay away from heavy hairsprays and gels. Instead, choose a lightweight product, like a trustworthy finishing spray, that holds without any build-up or residue. Most importantly, pick a hair product that is best suited for your hair type, so you can focus on the interview questions without worrying about your hairstyle falling out of place.

Do begin your hair prep routine the night before

It’s a no-brainer that styling your hair and applying product is a task for the morning of the interview, but make sure you put some thought into your hair care routine the night before. According to Glamour Health, Reis. Dr. Gohara claims that showering the night before is the best way to get the cleanest hair for the next day. Your skin naturally replenishes itself while you sleep, so it will be restoring your scalp with freshly-showered clean skin the night before the interview. Make sure you check out the perfect shampoo for your hair type to use before you get in bed and finish off with some Lavender Mint Conditioner. The lavender fragrance will help soothe your nerves to make sure you get your beauty rest and wake up confident and ready for your interview.   

Don’t make your hair do something it’s not supposed to do

If your hair is naturally straight, don’t curl it for the interview. Your hair will always look its best and healthiest when you use hair techniques and product that complement its natural texture and type. If you have flatter hair, add volume with some texturizing spray. If your hair is naturally full, try some smoothing mousse before you style it to get long-lasting shine and frizz control.

It’s important to be professional and look polished in an interview, but it's even more important to remain confident and be sure the real you shines through. So now that you know how to wear your hair for an interview, go out and rock the real world.

Preparation is key: Right products, right style, and the right routine for you. Read more for quick tips and tricks for healthier hair.


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