Inspiration For Your Summer Hair Color


About this time every year, as we’re inching closer and closer to summer, you’re likely thinking about vacations, summer activities and most certainly, your summer look (hair, in particular). This year, though, while things are shaping up a little differently in regard to travel, certain outings and activities, you can still have fun updating your wardrobe online, while at the same time gathering hairstyle and hair color inspiration for the next time you’re in the salon.

It may have been quite some time now since you’ve seen your stylist and maybe your priority is a haircut, first and foremost. We get it! But, after being isolated for weeks or months (who even knows anymore?), you may just be ready for more of a transformation. After reading below about some of our favorite summer colors, you might find yourself ready to take a trip into the world of fantastic hair color.

Summer hair color inspiration

Honey Brown


Instead of opting for an all-over solid brown color like the majority of our population, liven it up for summer with some honey-toned highlights or balayage. Ask your stylist for some sun-kissed streaks on your crown and around the sides of your face for a more natural look, or go for the honey brown hues all around.

Chocolate Brown


Maybe you’re starting with a light or medium shade of brown. Maybe you’re a natural blonde. Or maybe you are starting with a completely different color. Whichever the case, we are all in favor of a warm chocolate brown to transform your hair color. While some of our guests choose to go lighter with their color shade in the summer and darker in the winter, now is a better time than ever to turn that notion on its head. 2020 has already given us enough surprises…let’s go ahead and add one of our own, in the best way possible.



A mixture of brown and blonde, bronde is a shade somewhere in between the two. It’s a unique combination of blonde and brown shades that could include highlights, lowlights or different techniques like balayage or twilighting to achieve a gorgeous combination of color. The end goal? A sun-kissed look that flatters your features and makes you feel fantastic.



It’s possible that these last several weeks have left you with some silvery strands that you didn’t necessarily request from your stylist. Seize the opportunity and accentuate those natural hues with even more of them! Grey and silver shades have been super popular in recent years, and especially now, we are certainly not seeing the end of that trend. Embrace your natural silver, or overhaul your hair color with some artificial silver from your stylist. Ease into the look with a few strands to test the waters (and your comfort level), or go all-out with an all-over color look.

Before getting your heart set on a silver or grey hue, though, talk to your stylist for some professional advice. Those starting with darker shades may have a more of a challenge accentuating their natural grey color.

Golden Buttery Blonde


If you’re all about that blonde for the summer months, what better color to try than a golden buttery blonde? Creamy and rich like warm butter, this shade balances cool and warm tones and looks gorgeous on just about anyone. Pair it with a shadow root for an effortless, lived-in look that is also easy to maintain. And make sure you use a gentle, color-safe cleanser like our Lavender Mint Shampoo to keep your color protected.

Peach or Strawberry Tones


Perhaps you’ve tried browns and blondes and are looking for a little something different. After all, you’ve been cooped up with the same look for ages now and you need a change.

In that case, ask your stylist for some peach or strawberry tones to add some juicy color to your look. Even lighter shades of orange or copper can accent your natural color, whatever that may be, and add dimension and just the right “oomph” to give you a much-needed style and confidence boost for the summer.


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