July Haircut of the Month – Three Takes on the Low Fade Hairstyle for Men


Guys, when you get a haircut, what do you ask for? A little off the top, more off the sides and back? Longer on top but shorter at the bottom? A fade? What kind of fade?

The fade haircut is by far one of the most popular requests for hair stylists, but there are endless variations on the fade that anyone can personalize and make their own. High fade, low fade, skin fade, mid fade – you may already be familiar with some of these terms, but we’re going to get specific about the low fade today.

Please welcome our July haircut of the month – the low fade.

Let’s dive into the low fade and how it differs from other fade cuts. Then, we’ll review some of the low fade variations that continue to keep this cut / style at the top of our favorites list.

First things first

First of all, you may be asking yourself, “What are all these different types of fades?” Well, the difference between a high fade, mid fade and low fade is the height on your head at which the hair fades from longer (on top) to shorter (at the bottom).

A high fade blends the hair from long to short, closer to the top of the head, at the forehead or crown level. A low fade blends the lengths of hair lower on the head, usually just above ear level. And the mid fade lands somewhere in between. There are definitely more types of fades, but these are the most commonly used terms. We won’t get into the bald fade, razor fade, taper fade or drop fade here – we’ll save those for another day.

Our favorite takes on the low fade

The low fade haircut and style lends itself to versatility. It works with straight, curly, thick, thin or any texture of hair. These are some of our favorites.

Low Fade Blowout


If you see a guy with short tapered hair on the sides and longer hair on the top who looks like he’s just been hit with a large gust of wind, you’re probably looking at a low fade blowout. The characteristic of this style is back-swept hair with no parts or changing directions. This style works best with hair that’s at least 3 inches long on top in order to get enough volume when styling.

Styling tip

Use a round brush and a blow dryer to coax the top and shorter sides of your hair up for volume, then back toward the crown.

Low Fade Quiff


Simply put, a quiff is a messier, not-so-perfect interpretation of a pompadour style. While a pompadour typically has a glossy, just-combed look, a quiff has a more matte finish and can be finger-styled instead of being restricted to a comb.

A quiff refers to hair that’s styled upward from the head, and generally back, but could also have side-sweeping portions or even a few strands that hang down to accent the face.

Pair the quiff with a low fade on the sides and back of the hair, and you’ve got a fantastic combination.

Styling tip

Add texture and hold to your hair with a molding product like our Matte Wax. Work through damp or dry hair to style.

Low Fade Undercut


A classic undercut refers to a long length on top (3+ inches) with a very short length on the sides and back. It’s typically less faded between long and short sections, and sometimes has a side part which can be razored in for extra definition. To eliminate some of the contrast between short and long, the fade helps blend the lengths together, but not completely since the hair is generally much longer on top.

This style can be worn straight back, combed to the side, molded up into a pompadour or in a style all your own. The possibilities are endless with the undercut, but just make sure to leave a little extra time in your morning to style it perfectly, as the longer length can be a bit more challenging.

Styling tip

Brush or sweep the hair to one side to accentuate the contrast between the top length and short sides.


There’s no time like now to give one of these low fade styles a try! Just drop by your local Fantastic Sams for a fantastic new fade – and be sure to share yours with us on social @fantasticsams.


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