June Haircut of the Month: Our Favorite Pixie Hairstyles for 2019


Timeless. Adaptable. Gorgeous. Simple. Elegant. There’s no shortage of descriptors for the #shorthairdontcare icon that is the pixie hairstyle. And now, we have one more – the Fantastic Sams June hairstyle of the month.

Pixie hairstyles come in many shapes and sizes. So, to celebrate this fantastic look, we gathered five of our absolute favorite takes on the pixie cut for 2019. But first, let’s take a quick look at this iconic short hairdo.

What is a Pixie Hairstyle?

Pixie cuts are super-short hairstyles that range in length from half an inch to 3-inches. They come in both uniform lengths and various layered adaptations with longer hair on top and shorter cuts on the side and back. If you’re looking for a shorter hairstyle, there’s plenty of reasons why a pixie cut is an excellent choice for you:

  • Pixie cuts are easy to style
  • Pixie cuts provide a unique look that allows you to express your individual style
  • Pixie cuts look great with a range of hair colors

Our Five Favorite Pixie Hairstyles for 2019

No.1: Classic Pixie Hairstyle


The classic pixie cut is what you probably think of when you imagine a timeless short hairstyle. The classic pixie hairstyle is slightly longer on top with shorter hair around the back and sides. The bangs can be worn short and styled upward or swept to the side.

The classic pixie is very easy to style. You can either grab some Molding Mud and apply it directly to your hair, starting at the roots and working your way through to the ends to shape your hair into your desired look. Or, you can start by styling your hair with dry hands, then add some Finishing Spray to lock down the look.

No. 2: Tucked to the Side


Our next favorite pixie hairstyle for 2019 is a simple take on the classic version. The tucked to the side pixie cut has all the beauty and simplicity of the classic style, but with a little twist. By pulling your hair forward and tucking it behind your ears, you can create a gorgeous frame for your face.

Like the classic pixie, this version is also extremely simple to style. Start by brushing the hair on the top of your scalp forward. Then, shape your hair to one side and tuck your bangs behind your ear. Lock in the look with some Shaping Spray and, voila, you’re good to go.

No. 3: Sweeping Bangs Pixie Cut


If you want to go short but still want a little facial coverage, the sweeping bangs pixie hairstyle is a perfect choice. The sweeping bangs add the illusion of longer hair but with the styling ease and graceful appearance of the pixie cut.

To style, use a small round brush to blow dry your bangs to one side of your head. For extra hold, spray some Finishing Spritz on your hair while it’s still a little damp before blow drying.  

No. 4: Voluminous Pixie Cut


This pixie hairstyle is as bold as it is beautiful. The voluminous pixie hairstyle works great for thicker hair and longer pixie cuts. By sweeping the hair on the top of the head forward, the hairstyle also draws attention to your face and eyes.

To style, apply a small amount of product like Fantastic Sams Pomade to your hair and use your fingers to sweep your hair forward toward your face. You can either do this while your hair is still wet to create a sleek look or after your hair dries for added body and texture.

No. 5: Short and Angular Pixie Cut


If you’re looking to go super short, we have the pixie hairstyle for you. The short and angular pixie is trimmed close around the head with longer hair on top. You can either fade the look down extremely short on the sides or leave the hair on top only slightly longer for a more uniform look.

While this style is absolutely gorgeous, we also love it because of how easy it is to style. Just use your hands and a small amount of product to part the hair on the side and you’re good to go. We recommend our Styling Mousse for guests looking for a medium, flexible hold.

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