Keeping It Trim - Three of the Best Short Hairstyles for Men


It may seem counterintuitive, but winter can be a terrific time for guys to go with shorter haircuts. As the colder temperatures storm in, you’ll probably spend more time packing your hair into heavy stocking caps which can only lead to one thing – hat hair. 

For guys, especially those of you with thicker hair, the hat hair struggle is real. If you keep your hair longer during the winter, this could mean having to re-style your hair multiple times a day. You could skip all that nonsense and just go with a shorter cut that’s easier to manage and less susceptible to hat hair. Here is some inspiration to help you find the right short hairstyle. 

Three of our favorite short hairstyles for men

Crew cut


The crew cut is defined by shorter hair on the sides gradually tapering into slightly longer hair on the top of the head. While technically a buzz cut, the crew cut is longer than most buzzes and gives you more options in terms of styling. 

How to tell if the crew cut is a good look for you

Like most shorter hairstyles, the crew cut works great for a lot of hair types and facial structures. The cut itself is pretty standard, but there’s some room to switch up the look. Your stylist will have some advice on how to tweak the cut to match your hair type, hairline and head shape. 

How to maintain the look

Even though you’ll need to visit your stylist regularly to keep your look trim, you definitely want a look that’s easy to style in the morning. With the right hair product, you can spike up the front or style the top to the side. To style the crew cut, we recommend our Matte Wax.

The Flat Top


Like the crew cut, the flat top has shorter hair on the side of the head leading to a longer coiffure on top. The difference with the flat top is the hair up top is longer and styled to give it a boxed (or flat) look. 

How to tell if the flat top a good look for you

The flat top is a bolder take on the standard buzz cut and is perfect if you’re looking for a style that stands out. The cut works best for guys with square faces and strong jawlines. 

How to maintain the look

To style your flat top, your stylist will need to shape the hair on the top of your head vertically to form a flat deck in a straight line. The longer your hair and higher the top, the more product you should use to keep the hair standing straight. To style it, we recommend applying a hard wax and using a comb to get the hair to stand straight up. Then, use hairspray to keep the look high and tight all day.

Side Part Haircut


This style is on the long end of short haircuts but still keeps your hair looking and feeling trim. With the side part, the hair on the top of your head will be anywhere from 2-to-4 inches long. The hair on the side of your head is shorter and faded up to the longer hair on top that, is parted to the side – as the name implies.

How to tell if the side part is right for you

The side part haircut works best for guys with thicker hair, but since it’s such a traditional look, it works for other hair types, too. With the combover look and shorter cut, the side part is best suited for guys with square and oval face structures. 

How to maintain the look

The best time to style your hair for a side part is after you shower while your hair is still a little damp. Decide whether you want your hair to the right or left, apply a product like our X-treme Gel, then use a comb to shape the hair away from the part and toward the back of your head.  

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