The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Office Hairstyles


The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Office Hairstyles

We all know planning an office-ready outfit can be a chore, but making sure your hair looks office-ready too shouldn’t be. Whether your hair is long and wavy or choppy and straight, your hair routine should be just as short and sweet as your morning business meeting. Check out our easy and effortless tips to make sure your hair carries the same sophisticated professionalism as you do without the extra effort in the mornings.

Know Your Natural Hair Type

First things first, find out what type your natural hair is, and then go from there. Don’t try to work with a hair type you don’t have. If you have naturally straight, fine strands then don’t spend time curling your hair every morning. It adds extra time to your morning ritual potentially making you late for work. Not to mention, it will eventually damage your hair. The same goes for wavy and curly haired ladies – just work with what your mama gave you. Instead of wasting time killing your hair via a flat iron, try some curl defining creme to complement your natural hair type while also strengthening and smoothing your strands. Once you determine your natural hair type, you will make more sustainable, time efficient, and smarter decisions in the mornings.

But how do you know for sure if you have fine straight hair or thick stranded curls? Read more to determine your natural hair type.  

Pick the Best Haircut for Your Lifestyle

While face shape plays a significant role in choosing a cut for your hair, other factors should play into this decision as well. And your lifestyle is one of them. Whether you’re a recent college grad starting to make your way in the world or you’re a mom returning to the workforce looking to reinvent yourself, chances are your lifestyle plays a larger role than you might realize in choosing a cut for your hair.

Consider your lifestyle habits and routines to determine the cut that works best for you


If you’re on the go from the moment your alarm goes off to the second your head hits the pillow, reconsider your choice to go for locks that require a lot of maintenance. For instance, if you choose a longer cut, you will need to spend more time and money on product and upkeep on both a daily and routine basis. But if you do want those longer locks, fear not. Apply some lavender mint conditioner to detangle and minimize fly-aways no matter how long your hair is.  

Whichever haircut you choose, make sure you have the time and dedication it takes to maintain the hairstyle.

Pick the Hair Color that Matches Your Lifestyle

Unsurprisingly, the same goes for choosing a hair color. For instance, going platinum blonde might be a stylish choice, but it’s not the most economical one. Consider the amount of time and money it requires to maintain your hair color between salon visits and the amount of time and money you’re willing to devote to hair color upkeep. Maybe consider a color choice that’s more affordable and a bit easier to maintain. In fact, balayage or ombre are, surprisingly, both time efficient and economical options. The process might be time-consuming and pricey in the beginning, but you the time and money spent at following salon visits will be far and few between since the color itself grows out gradually from the roots.  

Bottom line? Be realistic when choosing a hair color.  Evaluate the time it will take to maintain your hair color.


Pick the Best Hairstyle for Your Profession

The last step in considering an effortless office hairstyle is determining the environment of your job itself. For instance, if you’re working in a more conservative field, make sure your hairstyle reflects that. If you work in law, finance, or the medical field, you’re probably best sticking to styles that are shorter, refined, and typically reflect a natural hair color. Classic styles, like a low ponytail, keep your hair out of your face. Or consider a cut, like the lob, a modern update to the classic bob.  

On the other hand, if you find yourself in a more creative profession such as marketing or the arts, you’ll likely have a bit more freedom when it comes to office-ready hairstyles. Typically, longer styles and bolder colors are common in these fields.  


More than anything, the most office-appropriate hairstyles are ultimately the ones that make you feel fantastic and confident.


You’ll be surprised by what you’ll be able to get done when you feel your best. Stick to your natural hair type and make haircut and color decisions based on what best suits your lifestyle. You’ll only need to work some 5-minute magic to guarantee your day looks as great as your hair does. Your morning hair routine should be effortless because we all know there are bigger things on that to-do list than managing bedhead.


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