Life-Changing Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know


Life-Changing Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know

In a perfect world, bad hair days wouldn’t exist. But unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and bad hair days are like getting stuck in traffic––totally inconvenient and completely out of our control. That’s why every woman should have a few hair hacks up her sleeve for those mornings when your hair just won’t cooperate. We gathered five life-changing hair hacks every woman needs to know to fix every kind of hair emergency anytime, anywhere.

Hairstyle won’t hold?

Maybe you’re on the way to your best friends wedding, or you’re off to your next dream job interview, and, no matter how many bobby pins you slip into your hair, it just keeps falling. Cue the mad frenzy and nervous breakdown. But all you need to save your hairstyle and your day is this super easy hair hack. Spritz some hairspray onto your bobby pins before slipping them into your hair for an extra heavy-duty hold.

Limp hair?

If you have thin hair, waking up with limp, lifeless locks is your occasional reality. And we know there really is nothing worse than trying to style your hair when, no matter what you do, it just looks flat and boring. If you’re looking for some instant body that doesn’t look like you tried too hard, tease your hair from mid-strand to roots with a toothbrush for some extra oomph. This hair hack gives your hair the volume–– and gives you the confidence––to take on the day ahead.

Unwanted split-ends?

Everyone’s familiar with those dreaded split-ends. Maybe you’re trying to grow your hair out, or maybe you just haven’t found time to get to your salon for a haircut, but either way, you’re in emergency mode to fix those split ends ASAP. Just apply a dab of coconut oil to the tips of your hair to disguise your split ends for a healthier and livelier look.

Need an impromptu hairstyle solution?

Life is unexpected, and you never know just when you will need to throw your hair into a chic updo. After all, women should always be ready to make each day an occasion. If you’re stuck in a bind and need a quick hair hack to save the day, try placing a butterfly clip underneath your ponytail and over your hair elastic for an instantly fuller, chic high pony. Although it’s not as intricate as a chignon bun, a voluminous high pony easily transitions from day to night for any occasion.

Dirty hair?

We can all say we’ve experienced the horrors of dirty, greasy hair, and let’s just say, it isn’t the best look. If your hair could use some serious help, but you don’t have time for a shower, try the best hair hack of them all. Spray some dry shampoo near your roots and use your fingers to rub it into your scalp to erase any evidence of grease. An added bonus? Dry shampoo also works to add volume and texture to your hair.

Now that you know these five life-changing hairstyle hacks, bad hair days have nothing on you.

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