Men’s Guide to Facial Hair For Every Face Shape


Men’s Guide to Facial Hair For Every Face Shape

When it comes to facial hair, we all know some men have what it takes to pull off a perfectly sculpted, well-groomed beard. If you find yourself blessed in the facial hair category, you’re probably aware that beards don’t come in a one-size-fits-all option. In fact, different face shapes call for very distinct beard styles. Check out our men’s guide to the best beard style for every face shape to find the facial hairstyle perfect for you.

Square Face Shape

The key to sculpting the perfect beard for this face shape is to trim hair in a way that shapes and ultimately lengthens the face. Since the jawline is more structured, trim the beard to appear more oval in shape and to create a fuller and more polished look. At the hair salon ask your hairstylist for a beard that’s tapered shorter on the sides with longer hair near the jaw and chin line.

Round Face Shape

Perfecting the art of facial hair for those with a fuller, rounder face shape can be a tough mission to accomplish, but not an impossible one. If your face shape is naturally wider at the jawline and the cheekbones create more angular facial definition with your beard. The best choice to add more defined angles is to lengthen your face shape with a beard that places emphasis on your chin. Try a beard style that keeps facial hair shorter on the cheeks and longer on the chin, like a goatee.

Oval Face Shape

Oval shaped faces are at more facial hair liberty to sport a beard style catered more to personal preference and style than to face shape guidelines. However, since the oval face shape is oftentimes more symmetrical than others, we recommend asking your hairstylist for a beard that’s trimmed close to your jawline to emphasize your clean lines and defined facial structures.

Rectangular Face Shape

Rectangular faces, contrary to common belief, tend to have a jawline that actually angles inward. This facial structure calls for a beard shape that compliments the face as a whole. Opt for a beard that is full from the sides of the face to the bottom of the beard. This gives the illusion of a more symmetrical face shape.

Whether you have what it takes to grow an impressively scruffy beard or you have just enough facial hair that surpasses a five o’clock shadow, make sure you grow a beard that is trimmed to compliment your face shape.

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