Men's Hair Loss: Haircuts and Styling For Thinning Hair


Men’s hair loss is always a sore, dreaded subject, conjuring up images of bad combovers and hairpieces, but with many celebrities and athletes showing how to work the look instead of poorly working around it, don’t reach for your baseball cap just yet.

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The good combover


Believe it or not, there is such a thing. Not only is it among the easiest of styles to manage, it’s also the most versatile. You can style the top according to the length and texture of your hair and according to where your hairline is receding. If you’re only starting to see some loss, this is a good in-between style if you’re not ready to crop it close to the scalp just yet.

Spikes for the win


Keeping your hair short on all sides and spiking the top or just the front, depending on where its receding, can add a little dimension and cover up bald or thinning spots. With a little product and the right cut, this low maintenance look can make the receding areas less noticeable while still being trendy and stylish.



Fades are a great way to add texture and mask balding areas by playing up the hair you have. You can keep it longer or crop it short on the top. Your stylist can frame the fade to draw attention away from where your hairline is receeding for a modern, easy style.

Shave away your boundaries


If your hair is receding too much to be comfortable to mask it with a new style or product, shaved heads aren’t seen as a last resort anymore, they’re a growing trend. There is much to be said for a freeing, no maintenance look. You can keep an inch or two or crop it close to the skin. Growing a beard or a goatee with a shaved style can highlight your jaw and bring out other features. This is the perfect way to celebrate how you look instead of covering it up.  


This is only the beginning

A receding hairline or thinning hair doesn’t mean you’re losing your style. All you need is a perception adjustment. Your hair is simply evolving with the times, and there are many options to try for all stages of hair loss.  Find an option that works with your lifestyle and what makes you feel your best. You may be surprised at how confident a buzzed cut could make you feel or how freeing it could be. No limitations means no worries. Chat with your stylist about what you want and what it takes to maintain.


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