Mid-Summer Hairstyle Trends


Mid-Summer Hairstyle Trends

The only thing better than hopping on the hottest summer hair trends this year is trying out these equally as coveted, mid-summer hairstyles that are catching wind this season and carrying us into the annual return of the ever-so-brisk climate of fall. But we still have a handful of weeks ahead before we’re caught sipping on our first pumpkin spice latte of the season, so we’re soaking in every last bit of the summertime rays and late night pink sunsets. Come along for the ride and help us keep the magic of summer alive with these three mid-summer hairstyle trends.

Pinned Back Hairstyle

Hair accessories are having a moment this summer, and we’re not ready to see them go just quite yet. Embrace your inner youth with a pinned back hairstyle to wrap up these summer months. Just part your hair into a middle part and pin your hair back on each side of your head with a 90’s inspired hair clip. You’ll be barefoot and ready to run through sprinklers, sip lemonade and catch fireflies in the balmy July evenings in no time at all with a hairstyle that’s so reminiscent of your adolescent summers.

Edgy Ponytail Hairstyle

Need more of a sophisticated look to soak in the last of these summer nights? The edgy ponytail is the perfect late summer hairstyle for an outdoor wedding or a Sunday afternoon picnic. For this version of one of the most iconic hairstyles, part your hair down the middle and use some FS Firm Hold Gel to get that slicked-back, edgy look. Then, tie your hair with a hair elastic at the nape of your neck. Need to take this hairstyle up a notch? Just tie a velvet ribbon into a bow, and you’ll be ready to make the most of the backyard cookouts and end-of-summer parties.

Looped Bun Hairstyle

The looped bun is the perfect summertime hairstyle to transform a lazy day hairstyle lounging by the pool into a hairstyle appropriate for Saturday brunch. For this version of the messy bun hairstyle, gather your hair into a ponytail in the middle of your head and loop your hair into a floppy bun. Pull your hair down to frame the sides of your face for the ultimate carefree summertime hairstyle.

Make the most of these last few weeks, soak in those summertime rays, and rock these three mid-summer hairstyle trends for the perfect end to the most carefree time of year.

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