Mom Hair Don’t Care: Best Haircuts for New Moms


Mom Hair Don’t Care: 3 Best Haircuts for New Moms

Becoming a new mom is one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences in life. But it’s also one of the biggest changes you’ll ever go through and can be a bit overwhelming. With a new baby in the house, not only will your day-to-day routines shift, but your body will continue to undergo all kinds of post-pregnancy changes. What use to be comfy, quick and easy is now tricky and time-consuming. By the time you find a clean outfit, have the diaper bag packed, and the baby is happily fed in his car seat, the last thing you want to worry about as you rush out the door is your hair!

This is exactly what leads countless new moms to their stylist's chair in pursuit of the infamous ‘mom haircut’ often characterized by a blunt chop for the sake of convenience in the mornings. Despite what the ‘mom haircut’ phenomenon may lead you to believe, a shoulder-length bob isn’t your only option.

Use this as an opportunity to reclaim your style and define your new-found femininity. You can rock a youthful, stylish haircut while also juggling the responsibility of being a new mom. And why is that? Because moms can do anything! Here are 3 of the best haircuts for new moms.

The Eye-Length Bang


As a new mom, having a little extra time in the mornings to get yourself ready for whatever fresh chaos the day will bring has never been cherished more. That’s why the eye-length bang is the perfect haircut for any new mom who wants an instant, put-together look with an effortless addition of sophistication. Eye-length bangs are super easy to style, and with a light spritz of styling mousse, your new haircut will stay cool and poised, even when you’re not.

The Feminine Lob


Forget the mom bob. You don’t have to chop off your locks just because you had a baby. Keep your length and revive your femininity with a longer bob, dubbed by the term ‘lob.' In fact, lobs are having a moment right now, and might just be the most flexible hairstyle out there. And flexibility is an absolute must for any new mom who runs a zillion errands by day and maintains the energy to pull herself together for an evening out by night. Moms truly are miracles in the flesh. Make sure to stock up on some curl defining creme to get those perfectly styled messy, beach waves for the final touch on your feminine lob.

The Edgy Long Carré Cut


Also a bob-inspired haircut, the long carré cut is a French-born chic look characterized by a shoulder-grazing length and choppy, textured layers throughout. The uneven layers add just a touch of edginess and spunk making this one of the best haircuts for new moms. Keep your youthful spirit alive, even when you’ve entered a new chapter of endless schedules and responsibility. If you want to rock the long carré cut, be sure to have a bottle of finishing spritz on hand for a little extra style control on those super busy days. 

With this new chapter of your life, forget about the traditional ‘mom haircut.' A new, easy-to-manage hairstyle is just what you need. And remember, moms really can do anything!

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